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Mar 14, 2007 04:20 PM

SAVED!.. mom wants Pizza

OK, now where is the best pizza option in the Ft Lauderdale area.

I mean "Impress your mother in law who complains about everything" kind of pizza.

I will pay ANY cost, (and lie about what I paid if I have to)

but they have to:
Have anchovies

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Helps if you put your location in the subject. Saves us from checking on posts that we can't help you with.


      1. No Fort Lauderdale pizza place is gonna deliver to Tamarac. Anthony's Coal-Fired,l a rapidly-growing local empire of coal-oven places that work in the Lombardi's/Patsy's/Grimaldi's/Totonno's style does have a newish location in Pompano, due east of Tamarac, on US1 between Atlantic and McNab. Probably a 20-minute drive unless you hit traffic, 40 if you don't consult a map and you try to take McNab all the way, which doesn't work because it's split in two where the Turnpike runs. :) That said, I don't think that ultrathin-crusted old Neapolitan style travels especially well. The closest brick over stuff you'll find is in Coral Springs, some place in the Walk shopping strip on University between Royal Palm and Sample if it's still around. No idea if it's any good, and the same caveat on Neapolitan pies and a half hour sitting in a cardboard box.

        My favorite pizza in the northwest Broward 'burbs, though, is Pizza Time, also in Coral Springs. Fantastic outer-borough style stuff, not the ultrathin-crust brick oven style. Think L+B Spumoni Gardens, grandma pies, etc. Also, alas, probably out of your delivery range, but only a 10-15 minute drive. Get anything you want on a pie as long as it's got tomaoes or sauce; don't be distracted by tasteless junk like Chicken Marsala pizza. They must have 4 or 5 different crusts depending on the pie you get. Their Caprese! My god! Put some anchovies or sausage on that!

        1. Put her in the car and take her to Anthony's Coal Fired!!! You might just wind up being her favorite...for five-fifteen minutes!!! :-)

          1. as was said above...anthony's coal fired is great....go to the one on federdal in ft lauderdale.

            pizza time in coral springs is good too

            for really good ny style should really try the fountain shops in a little known great place

            oh...never mind those are the three best...but those...and the few other good ones around here do NOT deliver....sorry