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Mar 14, 2007 04:16 PM

Off Dairy? Get Into Some Hempmilk, Man...

I sit here with a glass of Living Harvest Hempmilk in my hand. In my other hand is a macrame I'm working on, and a single tear trails down my cheek as I listen to the dulcet tones of Joan Baez on my hi-fi set.

Well, none of that's true but the hempmilk.

Don't laugh. Or, I should say, go ahead and laugh. It's hempy delicious. Imagine soy milk without the soy. It's somewhat substantial (i.e. milky rather than watery) but without that "I'm sucking on a thousand soybeans" problem. You're chugging hemp, man, not soy. Or, I should say, "a creamy non-dairy beverage made from whole hemp nuts". I got it at Whole Foods for $3.69/quart.

It's maybe 15% sweeter (from brown rice syrup, of course) than it really needs to be, and I am, alas, not getting off on it, psychoactively. But the flavor is more pleasant and neutral than soymilk, it'd work with cereal, it's a balanced source of omega 3 & 6, and a quick glance at the nutrition statment gives the impression that this is better than the relatively empty nutrition of soy milk.

So go ahead and laugh. There's gonna be a revolution.

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    1. re: applehome

      Yeah, ok ... I've been trying to avoid this topic, but you got to me. The hemp milk sites have lots of recipes (like the one above) but no brownie recipes using it. Too cliche, maybe?

      Canada & England seem to be into hemp milk.

      There IS a Canadian company, Hempola, that has won awards for its Hemp brownies ... to go with that hemp milk ... called, uh, Healthy Happy Brownies. Free samples at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

      "We're very surprised and very delighted," comments Kelly Smith, one the Founders of Hempola. "This wonderful fair is a distinctive event where a huge number of average Canadians visit ... this great award are excellent indicators that the mainstream public is starting to realize the true value, flavour and nutrition of Hempola foods."

      Agricultural hemp production is relatively new in Canada. Industrial hemp (without the stuff that gets you high) started in 1998.

      Anyone tried Cool Hemp ice cream sold at Rainbow Natural Groceries in Ottawa … sweetened with Canadian maple syrup? It is organic, Kosher & fair-trade. It is sold as far away as Halifax. It is supposed to taste closest to ice cream than other non-milk ‘ice creams’.

      You know, I'm not sure that picture in the above link of the old hippie in tie-dye holding an ice cream cone is a good idea or not.

      In England they sell appliances to make your own hemp milk at home. Scroll down to the YAOH raw hemp milk maker... " No more 'blend & strain, blend and strain'. "

      And should you want to make your own

      Now I'm just curions. For anyone in the SF area not wanting to commit to a whole container, Cafe Gratitude sells a shake with it ... I AM DELICIOUS An almond malt smoothie – Hemp milk, almond butter, dates, maca and vanilla.

      I am contemplating an all hemp meal ... appetizer, salad, pizza & dessert ... with shake.

      So, does anyone know if all brands of hemp milk are created equal ... or have you never lived till you whip up your own at home? Is Living Harvest the best brand?

      1. re: rworange

        "have you never lived till you whip up your own at home? "

        Back to the land, everyone. Gaia will see us through.

        We shall overeat.

    2. Jim, should I get birkenstocks?

      1. You chortle. But when the whole world goes hemp, you'll both be left behind.


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        1. re: Jim Leff

          I wonder about whether this stuff would result in a "false positive" on a random urine screening for illicit substances. Many employers are resorting to these random screenings nowadays, and I think we all know about the problems that some people have had with false positive results for Opiates after consuming a poppy seed bagel.

          In a similar fashion, isn't it possible/probable that hemp milk could result in a false positive for Cannabinoids? Personally, I would like to avoid all types of hassles--especially as pertains to job security. Even if it was possible to prove one's innocence after the fact, why subject yourself to the these hassles?

          So--does anyone know the answer to this question:
          Will hemp milk result in a false positive for Cannabinoids?

          1. re: Ted in Central NJ

            Good question. There is a lot of contradictory information but this study seems most reliable that it doesn't. So, people also can't use the excuse that they had a hemp waffle w/ hemp milk for breakfast.


            1. re: chowser

              Granted, this is from a hemp seed producer's website, but they link to numberous articles that cite that the THC is so miniscule in hemp seed that it is drug-test friendly. Here's an article for example:

              As an aside, I love Manitoba Harvest's Hemp Seed Butter. It's very tasty stuff.

            2. re: Ted in Central NJ

              Personally, if my employer violated my privacy by requiring me to offer up bodily fluids for examination, I'd eat nothing but poppies and hemp 24/7.

              But let me note that is not responsible for any life turmoil resulting from following suggestions on these message boards.

              1. re: Jim Leff

                In a lot of professions - especially those regulated by the Department of Transportations, there ARE drug tests involved. Test positive for cannibis and you will be off the road AND unemployed.

                So Ted's concerns are very valid.

          2. I've been eating hemp for years; it's delicious and nutritious. If you like the milk, you should try the raw seeds. I recommend the Nutiva brand. They're great on everything: sprinkled on cereal, bread and butter, cooked veggies, even straight out of the jar. It's my favorite seed.

            The first step to a hemp revolution is a reformation on hemp prohibition. Currently, growing hemp is illegal in the US, even though hemp plants contain zero psychoactive properties. As all hemp must be grown internationally and taxed as an import, the price can be prohibitive. It's one of our more ass-backward laws: banning a valuable food stuff and textile because the plant species is related to a narcotic. I'm sure you've all heard the rap: The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp, the first US Navy used hemp rope and hemp sails, George Washington grew hemp, etc.

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            1. re: Morton the Mousse

              So, what brand of hemp milk do you like best Morton and why?

              1. re: Morton the Mousse

                I could find hemp waffles on the west coast but haven't seen them in the DC area, maybe too close to policy land. Hemp reform won't happen until after 1/20/09 at the earliest.

                1. re: Morton the Mousse

                  Explains why it's nearly $4/quart!

                  I might have been willing to give it a try, but at this cost, I think I'll have to wait it out or try it on someone else's dime.

                2. another great hemp product is hemp seed. you can find lightly salted hemp seeds in iran easily, with other light snacks like toasted rice, toasted sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. all of that stuff makes a great healthy snack (which my partner objects to on the grounds that it's all too bird seedy), and sure beats the godawful iranian unsuccessful adaptation of cheetos.