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Mar 14, 2007 04:13 PM

Truffle Salt on the Westside?

Can anybody steer me towards a local source (preferably West LA) for Truffle Salt? I've purchased it on-line a couple of times but I'd really like to find a local source. I've periodically tried Whole Foods, Gelson's & Surfas, no joy. The salt is a key ingredient in the family's polenta french fries. Many thanks for any leads!

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  1. Not sure when you last looked but Surfas has it in stock presently. If that is not a good location for you then you might check with Williams Sonoma and see if they have it.

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    1. Call the Cheese Store in Beverly Hills.

      1. Okey doke, I'll head back to Surfas! Thank you so much!

        1. I know they have it at Bay Cities Deli on Lincoln! Good luck!

          1. try market gourmet on abbot kinney!