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Truffle Salt on the Westside?

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Can anybody steer me towards a local source (preferably West LA) for Truffle Salt? I've purchased it on-line a couple of times but I'd really like to find a local source. I've periodically tried Whole Foods, Gelson's & Surfas, no joy. The salt is a key ingredient in the family's polenta french fries. Many thanks for any leads!

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  1. Not sure when you last looked but Surfas has it in stock presently. If that is not a good location for you then you might check with Williams Sonoma and see if they have it.

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    1. Call the Cheese Store in Beverly Hills.

      1. Okey doke, I'll head back to Surfas! Thank you so much!

        1. I know they have it at Bay Cities Deli on Lincoln! Good luck!

          1. try market gourmet on abbot kinney!

              1. I'd be willing to bet Le Sanctuaire has it (or could get it for you). Le Sanctuaire is on Main Street in Santa Monica.