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Best bakery for little cookies

Looking for bakery that sells large assortment of little cookies -- the kind you can find all over the place in NYC, esp at the little Italian bakeries like Bruno's. Roulies in Marin County also has some pretty great ones. Haven't been able to find the equivalent here but don't really known where to look. Any recommendations?

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  1. Sorrento, Grand Casino (oops not Italian)

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      Thanks. Actually, doesn't have to be Italian -- as long as it has little cookies. Where are these places?

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        Both in Culver City, Sorrento is on Sepulveda and Grand Casino (Argentinian) is on Main St.
        Images of little cookies are popping into my head, but cant' seem to name other places at the moment.

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          I like Grand Casino as well... I'd bring all their variations on the alfajores, or just the simple alfajore... How could one go wrong with those?

    2. Susina specializes in small Italian cookies. There are too many to list. Here is a link to their photo page which has a couple of pictures of the types of cookies they have.

      Their big cookies are good too.

      Susina is on Beverly west of La Brea.

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        Agree with the Susina recommendation - these also make charming host/hostess presents.

      2. Not Italian, but Bea's Bakery in Tarzana has a nice assortment of little cookies.

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          I will second Bea's. They have a great variety that seem similar to the Susina assortment pictured above. I don't know how they compare in price. Susina's are $18 per pound.

          But I bet Susina does not have the best black-and-white cookie in LA like Bea's does.

          Viktor Benes also has a good cookie assortment, but I prefer Bea's.

          1. Mamolo's (Viktor Benes) at Gelson's and Vicente Foods has a great assortment of little butter cookies.

            1. have you checked paris pastries on westwood? jin has good small cookies, not too much variety maybe 3 to 4 kinds and various flavored macaroons

              1. whoops, just went to their website, looks like they have added more types of cookies

                1. Second the rec for Viktor Benes'--good selection from standard chocolate chip to sprinkles to rugelach to florentines to pfeifferneuse to mexican wedding cookies; then of course, they also have mini pastries... good mini cheesecake, mini tiramisu, mini fruit tart, mini princess cake, mini chocolate parisian...

                  Elysee Bakery in Westwood is also a good choice.

                  1. Victor Benes are good.

                    I really love the little cookies at Leeda's bake shop on Ventura. My favorite is the chocolate chip, but all the others are good, too.

                    1. Thanks for all these great recommendations. Going to start the tour. Thinking Susina first -- in the neighborhood-ish and the web-site looks so pretty.

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                        I agree with the Susina recs - love taking a box of assorted ones home. It's like picking chocolate at Compartes or elsewhere.

                      2. Actually if you are looking for traditional italian cookes that you find in NY, then either check out Claro's (about 5 CA locations) or you can even order the cookies from Ferrara's in Little Italy, NY on their website.

                        1. I found that some of the Middle Eastern Bakeries have excellent assortment of little cookies as well. Not sure where you are located, but you can try Sarkis Pastry. They have a lot more cookies than they shown in the picture on their website.


                          Could have sweared that Claro's cookies are from Federico's. At least I think that's where they told me to look when I was seeking out pignoli cookies a couple of xmas ago.

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                            Federico's does deliver cookies to Claro's market.
                            I must say, they are DELICIOUSSSS.
                            I must admit that the everyday cookies like the chocolate chip cookies arent all that great, but it isnt their specialty anyways. Nonetheless, the other cookies are great.
                            Although its not in ny, there are 3 locations: Duarte, the main bakery, Pasadena, and Chino.
                            chchchcheckk it outtt. The Chino one has gelato too that is just heaven.

                          2. Paradise Pastry in Glendale has little cookies. It is an Armenian bakery. Their stuff is great-- fresh and cheaper than many other options. www.paradisepastry.com

                            1. Orchid Bakery (Persian) on the west side of Westwood Blvd, south of SM Blvd. Reasonable, too.

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                                Not the largest selection of smallish cookies but definitely enough to keep most interested, and most are tasty. I just had a box this past weekend where I asked the lady behind the counter to just give me her choice of mixes... was really good with tea. A nice mix of Persian and French-inspired cookies - some American as well, but the chocolate chip was so-so...

                              2. Here's a good Persian/French bakery in SFV:

                                Shirin Sara French Bakery #3
                                6900 Reseda Boulevard
                                Reseda, CA 91335 , US

                                There is also a small bakery in the foyer area of Valley Produce Market in Reseda. They have delicious small cookies.

                                1. Today I just tried Mama Occlla alfajores I found at Market Gourmet in Venice (also saw them later at Stroh's gourmet). They are incredibly delicious and melt in your mouth and you can buy them from www.mamaoc.com in San Pedro or order on line. If you end up making your own assortment, these should be tried for sure.

                                  1. Holy Hokkaido, I forgot to mention the counter in Mitsuwa's Torrance location. The name slips my mind right now. I get cookies there whenever I want something really nice to give. They sell cookies that come in tins, that are very delicious, and often come individually wrapped and set in a nice box or tin. I don't know if this would be appropriate for your needs, but it's worth checking out if you want to give a nice box of cookies to someone.

                                    1. UPDATE -- Got a box of little cookies from Susina last night. Little, buttery, flavorful, fresh -- with a large variety. Totally did the trcik. Will still try some of the other places for the sake of variety and adventure but S is a keeper. Yum!