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Mar 14, 2007 03:38 PM

Philly foodie - weekend in Boston

i spent nearly a year in boston about 5 years ago...but i'm sure there are lots of great new places i don't know about. i'll be up at the end of april for a long weekend, and am hoping to find some good recommendations for the following:
- nice friday night dinner place somewhere fairly central and close to the green line - maybe sushi or something continental, with a hip vibe (but not TOO trendy)??
- low key saturday night italian dinner in the north end?
- brunch in/near back bay on sunday?

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  1. Kind of challenging, as price-point might make a difference here. A couple thoughts:

    1. Friday: everybody on this board raves about Eastern Standard at the Kenmore stop on the Green Line, though I haven't been there yet; it sounds like a good match for what you want. If it's sushi you like, Osushi in Copley Place has the fishies, Green Line nearness (Copley), and hip vibe -- and it's pretty good, though kind of pricey for what it is. If you want to drop a lot of money in a fancy special-occasion place with fine food, No. 9 Park is by the Park Street stop and a has a somewhat more hip feel than most such spots.

    2. by North End "low key," I'd guess you want something good quality without a tacky tourist feel. Prezza, Mamma Maria, and Sage (if it's still open) are excellent choices, but bring money. For a somewhat lower price point and a more Southern Italian feel, maybe Antico Forno, Maurizio's, Daily Catch, or Saraceno's (if you stick to standard pasta on the last) could work.

    3. For brunch, I'd walk straight out of Back Bay and go the few extra blocks to the South End. My choices would be among Sibling Rivalry, Aquitaine, or The Butcher Shop if I had my druthers. Some folks like Union Bar and Grill, Stella, or the pajama brunch at Tremont 647, but I'm less a fan of these for Sunday noshing; sadly, Caffe Umbra, which I much preferred over these three, has closed.

    Have fun!

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      1. The Fri. sushi hip meal could be Douzo in Copley Sq. Besides Eastern Standard, Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore Sq. for French. If you're into Northern Italian, Teatro, Via Matta, Sorellina and Davio's are all by the green line.

      2. Taranta would also work.

      3. I've had a really nice brunch at Paparazzi on Dartmouth St. ($10-15 including bellini or mimosa) but yes, the south end has a ton more choices.

    2. Friday Night-Eastern Standard in Kenmore right off the green line is very solid. Hip, Casual enviorment (think 1920's jazz club-ish), good music, great food, and very reasonably priced. A good idea is sharing a bunch of appertiers and having some of their stellar cocktails.

      Saturday-North end is kinda hit or miss, but you can find a good red sauce spot anywhere in the NE. If you want to venture across the bridge from the NE to charlestown you can check out Figs over there, great flatbread pizza, good pasta dishes, and a few good apps. Entrees are up and down. But very low-key, casual, neighborhood place.

      Sunday-Head in South End...alot of places that remind me of Django in philly,small, hip, inventive food, can't go wrong with brunch at the Butcher Shop or Aquataine, both on the same corner pretty much. The Butcher shop is my personal fav, clean, airy, nice bar. The menu is very simple, very well done. Prices can be a touch pricey for brunch (last visit had Foie, Madeline Pancakes, and two cups of coffee, somewhere near $40 before tip), but well worth it. Aquataine is a french bistro across the way and their brunch gets rave reviews. Good luck

      1. I'm a Philly transplant here and have really enjoyed the fresh, unique seafood spots and some of the upscale spots here that make you feel like you are going out - but don't feel like a Vegas show. In Philly, there are the high-end spots like Lacroix, the Starr-dinner as theater restaurants (which are fun) and the wonderful BYOBs. But a lack of stuff in the middle there. From Eastern Standard to Acquitaine - there are some wonderful choices here in Boston.

        Here's what I'd say...

        - Fri: Transfer to the red line and get yourself over to O-Ya near South Station. And cash in a bond or two beforehand. Wonderfully modern sushi and inventive cooked dishes in a great environment. It's not yet fully discovered.

        - Sat: We haven't gotten over there yet, but I hear wonderful things about Marco. Rustic Northern Italian. You can get plenty of red sauce southern Italian in South Philly. Alternatively, brave the crowd and go to Neptune Oyster. Nothing like it in Philly. Wonderful oyster bar selections, and great Italian-inspired seafood dishes. Specials are usually very inventive. Even if you go to dinner somewhere else, oysters and prosecco there is a great way to start off the night.

        - Sun brunch: Acquitaine could be a good choice. Good coffee, drinks and menu.

        1. Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful responses...especially with knowledge of Philly! I am definitely going to look into O-Ya or Eastern Standard for Friday...Neptune Oyster or Taranta for Saturday...and Acquitaine or Butcher Shop for Sunday brunch...

          But please keep the ideas coming!! I can't wait to eat my way through the weekend. :)