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Mar 14, 2007 03:32 PM

Lunch at Union Square Cafe

I will be having lunch at Union Square Cafe in a few weeks. Can you suggest the "must have" dishes that are available at lunch? Thanks

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  1. The yellowfin tunaburger is outstanding. They will also honor any request to change
    the "sides"... which are grilled onion and cabbage slaw. For dessert, the banana
    tart is renowned. But there are also daily lunch specials. I had a grilled striped
    bass with Jerusalem artichokes recently....

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    1. re: KayMae

      I've only been here once so can't compare to other dishes, but I had the tuna burger and it was quite tasty (and I do recommend).

      I am always looking for a good tuna burger - my fave thus far is the one at Gulfstream (I know most people shudder at quasi chain food) in Century City, CA - and have yet to find a match.

    2. I don't eat gigantic lunches. With that said, I'd go for the Bibb salad with an accompaniment of fish perhaps. Look here and decide --->

      1. the whole wheat pappardelle is excellent...i'd go with the lemon napoleon or tiramisu for dessert...

        1. If there's anything bad on the menu, I haven't found it.

          1. I don't know if it was a fluke, but the mushroom ravioli I had this past summer were awful. On the other hand, as an example of the overall experience, the server erroneously brought me risotto as a starter instead of the ravioli and then pretty much refused to hear my fairly vehement insistence that she not bring the ravioli as well. Turns out she had done me a huge favor by screwing up in the first place (the risotto being very nice if not ethereal), but the real graciousness with which the replacement was brought was a pleasant surprise and almost made me forget how bad the ravioli were. ;)