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Mar 14, 2007 03:29 PM

MSP: Vegetarian Bahn Mi in St. Paul

How's that for being a specific title? In any case, I am looking for a good vegetarian bahn mi sandwich here in Capital City. I know Jasmine Deli has the best - their mock duck is incredible, but I am looking for something I can bike to.

University Ave. seems to be my best bet. I have tried Saigon, and while they have a vegetarian option, it's just the vegetables and no protein. I need some mock duck, smoked or sauteed tofu, or even shrimp (I eat those little buggers).

So, next time you're at you favorite vietnamese shop, see if they have any veggie options.

Eat on!

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  1. Saigon has a fried tofu sandwich - they just added it to the menu.

    I once asked them if they could make a mock duck sandwich, and they said, "Sure... just bring us the mock duck."

    1. Don't bahn mi have pate on them?

      1. Yeah, a traditional bahn mi has paté, so really what I want is a very untraditional one. I didn't order off the menu at Saigon, I just asked if they had a vegetarian sandwich and what I got was a bahn mi with only the veggies. Not bad, just not too exciting. I'll check the menu next time.

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          The "vegetarian sandwich" is just the veggies. The "Fried Tofu sandwich" is the veggie plus fried tofu. Now you don't need the menu. :)