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Mar 14, 2007 03:19 PM

El Torito or Acapulco for "Americanized" Mexican Food

Two of us are going to either El Torito or Acupulco for dinner this Friday. I realize neither of these restaurants is either "authentic" or "gourmet", but since we want to enjoy a few Margaritas before and during dinner, there isn't much choice in this area (Sherman Oaks, Studio City, etc.). Therefore, we'll have to choose between them. Although this is a truly pedestrian request, I'd deeply appreciate any suggestions as to which is better and why.

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  1. I think el torito is better.

    1. To jlq3de

      Thank you. Would you mind relling me why?

      1. No, No, a hundred thousand times NO!

        I couldn't read your post and remain silent! Both are poor to BAD and you do have other options in the area; such as:

        Senor Fred - Sherman Oaks (with happy hour)

        These posts should help cleanse your mind:

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        1. re: JBC

          Hi, JBC

          I guess you're telling me that you don't think too highly of either. (joke!). I've heard bad reports about Casa Vega. Do you consider Senor Fred to be better? How are their prices. I don't want to spend my entire social security chack on one meal for two. Does it have a full bar or is it limited to just wine and beer? Thank you.

          1. re: jwrites4u

            Yes they have a full bar and if you read the first CH link, there is advise on ordering margaritas. They have a happy hour till 7 p.m. Mon.-Fri. & the chips & salsa are free.

            Prices are similar to those 2 chains (my pricing info is 12 to 18 months old):
            Dinner Combos (with rice & beans) - $8.50 to $11.95 - 9 choices, 3 more higher.
            House Specials - Conchinita Pibil $15.50 to NY Steak $22.95
            Salad (Entree sized) with chicken $8.50 (I think).

            Therefore, based on the above, you can have dinner for under $10 - but don't be shocked if they've raised them some recently. What the happy hour deal is I don't know, but a simple phone call would fix that. Again, read the 2 linked CH posts above to get a sense of the quality of the food served.

            I don't know anything about Casa Vega.

            1. re: jwrites4u

              I went to Senor Fred once..hated it, and have never returned.

          2. seis de uno, media docena del otro

            1. What's the diff? Go for whichever one you can find a coupon for.