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Mar 14, 2007 02:59 PM

Claxton Farm, near Asheville, NC

Have any hounds ever attended an event at Claxton Farm in Weaverville, NC (near Asheville)? I'm getting married in Asheville and considering hosting the rehearsal dinner at Claxton Farm. It seems like a great venue. However, we just learned that they won't let us set up a sample tasting of the food until we sign a contract and pay a deposit. So they want us to fork over a couple thousand dollars to host an event centered around food before we ever have a chance to taste that food. Am I crazy or does that seem unreasonable? My worst nightmare would be to pay for my closest family and friends to be bussed out to this farm on a beautiful spring evening to be served up overcooked, dried out chicken and pork slathered in sub-par bbq sauce served with nasty cole slaw and potato salad.

Anyway, I always (well, almost always) trust the opinions of fellow chowhounds. Has anyone been to an event here? Was the food good? They have offered to give us references, but of course they'll put us in touch with people who liked the food.

If anyone out there has any feedback here, we sure would appreciate it.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Did you try it out? If so, was the food any good?

      1. I am going to have a family reunion there and did check with their of the references said that they gave them a family recipe and they were able to mimic it for 200 people which amazed her grandmother. So, after talking with Chef Allen he is going to mimic my Memaw's recipe for shortcake so we can have our family's True Strawberry Shortcake.

        1. Its a beautiful setting, I have never had the food but have talked to alot of folks that have been to events there and never heard one complaint from any of them.The only complaints I have heard is that its a bit of a drive North outta Asheville.

          1. I considered having my wedding there, and wanted to use a separate caterer. They responded by sending me an estimate with catering included, and wanted to serve !!!chicken skewers!!! and wayyyy overcharge on them. I turned them down based on that alone.