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Little India - must try

I'm going to Little India on Sat to pick up groceries for my dinner on Sunday. I haven't been before. Are there things I "must try". Even if just to sample on the drive home after?
I'm interested in the food and in the Indian cooking utensils, etc.

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  1. try the bbq corn on the cob. they rub it with limes and sprinkle it with this awesome "secret" seasoning. sooo good

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      i think the secret ingredient is garam masala. at least that is how i was shown to make it and we do it all the time. it is the only way to have corn!

    2. Foot long kabbab & naan from Lahore Tikka House - an absolute must!

      1. If you go to Lahore Tikka House, you *must* get their mango drink. It's not quite a mango lassi, but even better and unbelievably delicious. Many stores also carry these frozen mango cream pops, which I believe are all natural and to die for. You might also think about visiting a sweets shop and getting a variety of goodies: I recommend gulab jamun, and I haven't met one I haven't liked in Little India.

        If you want a good sit down meal, I can't recommend Siddhartha (north side, just a block west of Coxwell) enough. Don't go for their buffet: it's good by buffet standards, but still a buffet. Their a la carte is superb.

        1. Take out an order each of channa masala and malai kofta from Moti Mahal.

          1. Pescatarian, I bought a lovely spice box there last time I went at one of the little groceries on the south side of Gerrard - it was round, stainless steel, and best of all, had a glass inner lid to ensure the spices' extra freshness. I think I paid $15 for it...and they sell the exact same thing at Ashley's for double that. If you do a lot of Indian cooking, it's really nice to have all of the spices in one place. That said, I am a kitchen geek, so that sort of stuff gets me giggling faster than anything else...

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              Thanks, AmandaEd, I actually plan to look for one of those tins. I also want to get one of those wire things that you put over your element to make parathas, rotis, etc.

              Thanks everyone for all the other suggestions. I'm definitely going to try the mango drink and maybe the corn. My friend is coming over on Sunday and he makes the best chana masala I've ever had, so I may pass on the that.
              Are the chutneys, etc. good at Lohore Tikka House? I may pick up some of those, if they are.

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                If they aren't commercially available, a good alternative for the wire rack is a small cooling rack bent out of shape so it fits over the element. That's what my mom always uses to make roti and it works perfectly. Just so you don't go on a wild goose chase...have fun!

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                  Get some Bhel Puri or other snack food (potato, crispy rice, chick peas, chutney etc - better than it sounds!), not sure of current recs for this, but it should be available at a few places.

              2. Just thought I'd follow-up re my trip to Little India. We had lunch at Lahore Tikka House. Food has good depth and enjoyed it. My friend and I shared the 'combo for $9 where you get 4 vegetarian choices', plus we had the muttar paneer. The only thing I would say is the muttar paneer was slight on the paneer. Enjoyed it though and was amused by the decor. Service was very friendly. Also had their mango drink which was good.
                Stopped in to buy groceries at a small place just east of Lahore Tikka House, on the south side of Gerrard. I don't remember the name, but the couple that runs the place was very friendly and helpful. I purchased most of my items there and was happy that I did because then I went to Kohinoor and BJ Supermarket and I didn't find them as helpful. BJ was a bit "too north american" for my liking. They didn't seem to have as wide a range of Indian ingredients as the other places I went to.
                We also went a bit further west to Chinatown (east) and stopped in to a small place on Broadview to get a couple things. I would like to go back there as I didn't have a lot of time but there was a nice array of fresh fruit, etc.
                I saw the corn on the cob after I ate lunch, but next time I'll try it!
                As for our Indian feast yesterday, it was wonderful. I made Kuchamar (white radish salad), spinach paratha, eggplant and cauliflower and potatoes and zucchini with indian spices, raita, green curry fish and chicken and sticky rice with mango in banana leaf (I know, more Thai, than Indian, but delish) and my friend (who makes the best Indian food I've ever had), brought chana masala, dal, chicken korma (divine), rice and naan. There were 5 of us and there was a enough food for at least double, of course, but it was very good.