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Mar 14, 2007 02:39 PM

Taylor's Old Mill in Norristown

Has anyone tried Taylor's Old Mill in Norristown? It looks intriguing, and it has music, which is a plus to me. I'd like to know how the food is before we go.

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  1. I really hope you get some good responses here. I am very curious about this place. We were going to go last weekend because they have a great music line up, but never made it. Their website shows their menu which seems a good selection of southern inspired mid-priced entrees, sandwiches, and salads. I cannot tell if they offer a full bar menu, their website lists that that they have a limited number of microbrews and a small wine list.

    1. I just moved up the street from this place and noticed it a few months ago. I'm also very curious about it. I'm planning on going in the next few weeks and will post an update about what I find. It's a great building, anyway.

      1. I just went to Taylor's Old Mill last night. I read an article in the local newpaper about it and was intrigued. It was expected for me to arrive at 9pm but I got lost on the way which brought my arrival time to 10pm. The restaurant was closed but they had a limited menu downstairs which is where the music was anyway. My best friend and I wasn't sure if we were going to stay b/c all seats were taken but the waitress sat us in a cocktail table up front. They had a huge bar area with about 10-12 small tables along the side. The limited menu had a lot of options. My best friend had a Peach-cobbler Margarita and crab-cakes. I also had the crab-cakes and a nice, cool Heineken. (Crab-cakes are my favorite and that is my usual order). Some other items on the menu were Vodoo Shrimp, Southern Pride Wings, Big Blue Chop Salad, BBQ Ribs and the Peach Berry Biscuit.

        A blues band was performing that night. Our food arrived during the performance. The presentation was fairly nice. The Crab cakes came with a mini-side of Broccoli, well seasoned and buttered. It may have been slightly overcooked for some people but I really enjoyed it b/c it still had a crunch to it. I am really funny about my crab-cake and I can truly say that I wasn't looking forward to finishing it b/c it was so good. I think that a crab-cake should be more meaty, less bready and that is what I got. I am looking forward to going back to try other items on the menu with a crab-cake on the side, of course:)

        1. Whoah...I was at Taylor's Old Mill in Norristown Saturday night. BAD experience.

          I went with a friend hoping for a fun girl's night out. The hostess advised us there woud be a fifteen minute wait, so we sat in the lobby and waited, although there were countless empty tables. After about twenty minutes, we were seated and then waited and waited for a server to take out drink orders at which time a man who seemed to be the manager approached, took our order and returned with our drinks.

          To make a long story short cold cornbread, wilted warm ceasar salads made with what tasted like plain Miracle Whip, awful tought shrimp that had the taste of poached chicken, a grilled cheese that must have been processed cheese food slices...I had been to Taylor's last year when it had first opened and had several good meal there. I am not sure what happened, but this place has definately gone DOWN HILL.

          The table next to ours had fried chicken that was not cooked thoroughly. We could see the actual blood from our table.

          A bad experience. We could not wait to leave and pick up something we could eat for dinner.

          1. My wife and I have eaten there several times and always had great service, great food, and listened to great music. The only compaint is that the Blue Room - downstairs can get very crowded very fast. Need to get there early. Chef Keith Taylor is great! He walked around and loves to chat with customers.
            I see below that someone said they had poor service and poor food! They must have just hit a bad night! I bet if they mentioned it to the manager they would have "made it right"