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Mar 14, 2007 02:34 PM

Soup dumplings

Ok second question about upcoming first trip to NYC in August.

From what Ive been reading soup dumplings are a must try. Im near Chicago so they must have them somewhere but in any case---

have penciled in Joe's Shanghai but--there must be other places that have equally as good ones? And if I;m reading a menu that says dumplings, are those soup dumplings, or are they more like pot stickers or gyoza?

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  1. Check the link below, there are a few places that are equally good as Joe's Shanghai

    1. Stanton Social has some delicious French Onion Soup Dumplings

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      1. re: jza1218

        I think you are confused. Soup dumplings are a shanghai thing, pork or pork and crab dumplings that have hot broth in them...

        1. re: prunefeet

          Oh, I know what they are. I'm Chinese and have them at home all the time.

          Just thought that Stanton Social's variation on it was worth trying as well.

          1. re: jza1218

            Oh really? So they are really soup dumplings?? That sounds really interesting. Very jealous that you have soup dumplings at hoem all the time!!! Lucky!!

            1. re: jza1218

              Where do you get the soup dumplings? If you get them in the market, what's the brand name, etc? My husband loves soup dumplings! It's a little harder for us to get them because we live in the suburbs.

                1. re: jza1218

                  Wow, you are lucky! Are they hard to make? I imagine that they must be very time-consuming. I tried once w/a recipe that called for putting cubes of cold aspic in the dumpling to make the soup. They kept melting and making a mess!

                  1. re: chowmeow

                    No clue. I don't bother her when she's making them. She HATES that :p

                    I just assume that it all comes natural after making it for a while

        2. I had soup dumplings for the very 1st time recently at New Green Bo. They were awesome & I can't wait to go back. I have never tried Joe's Shanghai but may go there next!

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          1. re: julesj66

            I personally prefer Joe's Shanghai to New Green Bo. Joe's soup dumpllings have thinner skins and less "doughy" texture, and the juice tastes more fresh. The thicker skin of New Green Bo's soup dumplings, particularly at the top (where the skin folded together), is not to my liking.

            That said, there are plenty of supporters for New Green Bo in the Manhattan board, so you will see people responding to this and disagree ^_^"

            Unfortunately, Chinese food in NYC is really not too exciting. You get much better Chinese food in West Coast or up north in Toronto. Sad but true.

            1. re: kobetobiko

              You should check out Flushing's chinatown. I think you might find some of it more exciting!

          2. Shanghai Cafe on Mott Street right off of Canal Street in Chinatown have amazing soup dumplings. I definitely recommend giving them a try.

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            1. re: mnairne

              The Shanghainese restaurant on Bayard at the corner of Mulberry has wonderful soup dumplings.

              1. re: mnairne

                i second that... shanghai cafe is great

              2. Just a reminder to the OP. If you do go to Joe's Shanghai, I'd recommend going to the one in Flushing if you're able to. I think it tastes much better than it's other sister locations. It's also cheaper if I'm remembering correctly.

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                1. re: jza1218

                  Thanks but because this will be a short trip (3 1/2 days), I don't think we will get out of Manhattan. Unfortunately I don't even think we will get to see much on the UE or UW Sides...

                  On a Joe's tiny sidenote: any real difference between the Joes Shanghai and Joes Ginger?? They seem near each other and similar??

                  1. re: aviva1

                    I could be wrong, but I think Joe's Ginger simply took the name so that they could attract business from people THINKING that they were affiliated with Joe's Shanghai.

                    1. re: jza1218

                      You are wrong. Same owner for both. Joe's Ginger makes sense because of the crowds at the original location.