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Mar 14, 2007 02:32 PM

Batali place

Visiting NYC for the first time in August. It will be husband, pescatarian daughter age 15, and me. Want to try as many of the NYC places I've heard so much about. One dilemma now: would like to try a Batali place. Obviously Babbo is the main choice, I know how hard it will be to get resrvations.

Can anyone opine on the differece between Babbo, Esca and Orso? (all Batali, right?)
Thanks for the help. Money is only a slight object. Were staying midtown.

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  1. well, for fish, I'd head to Esca.

    But don't rule out Lupa or the Enoteca at Del Posto.

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      dkstar is there an enoteca at del posto more casual than the restaurant proper?

      1. re: jsmitty

        The enoteca is a 4 course prix-fix menu that comes in a bargain price of $41. Given how expensive the rest of the dishes are at Del Posto, enoteca is indeed the way to go. Link to the menu is here:

        You can order the enoteca menu no matter where you sit in the restaurant. However, I suggest dress up a little bit when going to Del Posto as the restaurant itself is so "grand" and "high-end" in appearance. (though I have seen people wearing jeans...)

        1. re: kobetobiko

          Get the $19 wine pairing too. It's delish. I've managed to sample the whole menu over the course of a few visits, and my favorites are the calamari and beef carpaccio for apps, the ravioli and orechiette for pasta (although the bucatini comes a close 3rd), the mains are all mediocre+ but i'd go with the pork and the swordfish, and the hazelnut crostada and the sorbetti for dessert ...

    2. august? yeah, i'd head to esca (very good cooked fish, crudo and pasta). you might want to consider an early dinner at casa mono. it's a batali place that features tapas and spanish wine. in the summer, the folding wooden walls are removed. air flow is good, vibe is good. i recommend it. lastly, early lunch at lupa really works for me. fish, salumi, wine and pasta. only a churl could cavil.

      1. Babbo starts taking reservations one month before (just like my dentist). If you call the very first day you're eligible, you should be able to reserve just fine, unless it's a major restaurant-centric holiday like Valentine's Day. In August, I don't think it'll be a problem.

          1. I really like Otto, his pizzeria. They have a great wine list and good pasta as well as pizza. The vibe is a little more relaxed. Their gelato is very good as well. I went to Esca and thought it was good, though I didn't like the atmoshere too much.