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Mar 14, 2007 02:09 PM

Lord Stanleys Anyone Remember?

I am going back aways. Late 70's early 80's. I remember going to alot. The restaurant was at King St east if I remember close to Yonge street. The name was Lord Stanleys. The thing I loved about this place was you could go with a party of two or a party of 10 and you would get one big platter of food and you had to eat with your fingers, and they would put these big bibs around you so that you didnt make a mess of yourself. The platter consisted of steak, chicken, cobs of corn, pork chops and so on. Anyways. This restuaruant is now long gone. First off does anyone remember this place? and two, is there anything around Toronto with the same type of thing? Thanks Tour boi

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  1. I remember the place..I used to work at Yonge & Wellington...The guys in our office used to like going there alot. I honestly can't think of any other restaurant nowadays that serves the same kind of platters...Sorry

    1. The Feast was located in a former morgue, when I found that out I almost didn't go and I would've missed out on a real fun dinner experience. Sadly, there's nothing like that now, unless you go to Medieval Times at the Exhibition but there you don't get a table, you get served while the show goes on in the arena and it is more expensive. All finger foods and great if you love horses.

      1. The Buttery, which used to be in NOTL and moved to Niagara Falls a few years ago runs a "Henry VIII's Feast" dinner on the weekends that sort of fits this format and has been doing it since the mid 70s.

        I'm guessing its total tourist trap, certainly the restaurant gets mediocre reviews for it's regular meals. I only even went when I was still in high school a looooong time ago and remember it as fun party night for families.