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Looking for Georgian Bakery (Brighton Beach?)

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We're coming to Park Slope at the beginning of April and need suggestions. Restaurants, we got already, since we're staying with friends who also live for food.

I had a great list of bakeries and food take-out places compiled by looking at the boards a couple of years ago. One place in partic was great. It was Georgian, I think (Not Atlanta) Served some kind of cheesy-bready deal. Also a meat-filled pastry. Any other stop in for a small bun, roll, turnover kind of thing - meat, cheese, sweet, we don't care. Looking for take-out to munch or take home to make a meal. All cuisines apply here plz.

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  1. It's Georgian Bread at 265 Neptune just W of Brighton 6th Street. Great place. Fresh hot breads, including the cheese filled variety (kachapuri). Delicious spreads as well, including leek and eggplant. Well worth a stop.

    1. welcome to my nabe, oakjoan! (the Slope, not Brighton)
      you got your Brighton Beach answer -- anything else in particular you're looking for?

      Here's some useful old Brighton threads. Enjoy M&I International Grocery!