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Mar 14, 2007 02:03 PM

Looking for Georgian Bakery (Brighton Beach?)

We're coming to Park Slope at the beginning of April and need suggestions. Restaurants, we got already, since we're staying with friends who also live for food.

I had a great list of bakeries and food take-out places compiled by looking at the boards a couple of years ago. One place in partic was great. It was Georgian, I think (Not Atlanta) Served some kind of cheesy-bready deal. Also a meat-filled pastry. Any other stop in for a small bun, roll, turnover kind of thing - meat, cheese, sweet, we don't care. Looking for take-out to munch or take home to make a meal. All cuisines apply here plz.

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  1. It's Georgian Bread at 265 Neptune just W of Brighton 6th Street. Great place. Fresh hot breads, including the cheese filled variety (kachapuri). Delicious spreads as well, including leek and eggplant. Well worth a stop.

    1. welcome to my nabe, oakjoan! (the Slope, not Brighton)
      you got your Brighton Beach answer -- anything else in particular you're looking for?

      Here's some useful old Brighton threads. Enjoy M&I International Grocery!