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Mar 14, 2007 01:52 PM

Help Groton, Mystic Undergound

Fantastic restaurant and any bakeries, will be there in April. Thanks

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  1. For restaurants, try the Seahorse in Noank (part of Groton) and the Daniel Packer Inn just on the outskirts of downtown Mystic. In the core downtown there's AJ's Bistro, and on the outskirts again (but this time on the Stonington side), try the Flood Tide. Also on the Stonington side, for a fab-u if ultra casual breakfast head to Kitchen Little. (Sob! I'm getting nostalgic. Moved to metro DC in fall '04 and I miss Mystic hugely!)

    1. There are a couple of places near Mistic Village. On in the Village and one on the access road thru the Village headed toward the Mistic Aquarium . Up on the the right. Go to this web site. This should help you . Good luck Earle