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Mar 14, 2007 01:39 PM

SEA: Best Bread

Just curious to peoples thoughts of the bakeries that make the best bread. My new personal favorite is the Columbia City Bakery which makes some of the best bread and pastries, imho, outside of paris.

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  1. My favorite is Tall Grass Bakery in Ballard. I learned about them when I asked what fabulous bread we were eating at Le Gourmand. They said it came from Tall Grass. I've been a convert ever since then.

    1. i agree with columbia city, but i also like cafe besalu and le panier.

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        If you are buying loaves of bread at Besalu, it is from Tallgrass next door.

      2. Ciro's bread from La Panzanella. Although I think it isn't quite as good as it was when Ciro owned the bakery--the crust is now softer. It keeps exceptionally well, makes great bruschetta and when it's fresh, you don't even need butter.

        For a good all-purpose whole grain, La Brea's bread is surprisingly good. It's not sweet as some whole grains, so you can serve it with a variety of foods.

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        1. I'll add the Macrina bakery and the Essential Bakery. Both are available at Met Market if you can't make it to the actual bakeries. And I'll second Le Panier at the market.

          1. TALL GRASS. I sometimes drive across town, just to go inside and smell. It is fantastic.