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Mar 14, 2007 01:19 PM

Ethnic Restaurant for 14 in SF?

A friend is looking for a pretty reasonable restaurant for 14 people, family get together. "I think the only requirement is that it has to be typical SF: good price for great food. Prefer non-shmancy, but also cleaner than Tu Lan. Thanks for your help."

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  1. I see parties that size almost every time I go to Bodega Bistro, which is definitely cleaner than Tu Lan.

    1. Alaturka (turkish) on Geary is inexpensive and very good. They have an upstairs area for larger parties.

      1. Mandalay on California by 6th Ave. in the Richmond. Burmese, Southeast Asian food.

        1. You didn't say what part of the City you'd like this to be. For a group that size, especially if they're coming from the South Bay and/or Peninsula, I'd recommend Patio Espanol in the Excelsior. Huge free parking lot, easy to get to off of Hwy 280, decent tapas and entrees along with good sangria, prices are reasonable, and they welcome families.

          1. I'd be glad to offer recs - I'd like to suggest that you not use the phrase "ethnic restaurant" as suggested by Jim Leff :

            What type of cuisine exactly are you looking for? Does it include French? Asian? Japanese? Chinese? Viet? Thai?

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              I apologize. He meant "non-Californian and non-fusion". Any asian would suffice I would imagine.

              1. re: DezzerSF

                No problem - 14 People - PPQ crab, like the poster below writes, is pretty darn good if your friend is not overly-familiar with various Asian cuisines. Its clean, the menus have English on them, and its a fairly good rendition of Vietnamese food influence by the Southern Chinese.

                2332 Clement St (Cross Street: 24th Avenue)
                San Francisco, CA 94121
                (415) 386-8266