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Would they be considered fried if just dippped in hot oil & removed?

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  1. Well, yeah... I'd say so. They're absorbing some of that oil. I haven't tried it, but you might try microwaving them if you're avoiding frying. Sounds weird (and very likely might not work at all), but I have done it with krupuk (shrimp chips), and that works pretty well (and fast! do not leave the micro).

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      papadums and popcorn,
      two things a microwave can manage well

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        I've tried microwaved. They were just all wrong.

      2. Yes, but not properly fried. They will be soggy if they are not fried long enough.

        1. If frying is the problem, try toasting them. I just move them around over a gas burner.

          1. Just put them in a microwave and watch them "pop". Fun to watch and healthier than frying.

            1. A friend just does hers in the microwave, but my favored method is (carefully)right over the gas.

              1. You can also toast them in a hot oven or under the broiler.

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                  Be very careful, though--they catch fire quickly!

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                    I usually toast them in a toaster oven with pretty good results.
                    However, you need to use a lot of care so that you don't burn them.

                  2. I toss them on top of the bbq, takes about ten seconds per side. A good alternative to chips and salsa.

                    Microwave em on rainy days.

                    1. Dammit, Caryl, I hate it when you're right...

                      1. Tried microwaving them...works fine, but they do not have quite the same character as when cooked in hot oil.

                        1. They really do taste best when deep fried. Anything else just doesn't work well and the taste and texture end up wrong.