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Mar 14, 2007 01:13 PM

Please help me find the best Chinese, Thai, and Sushi in the city.

I have been failing miserably in these categories. Please share your picks for the best Szechwan Chinese, Thai, and or Sushi (a great spot for nigiri and shashmi or awesome rolls) in the Bay Area (San Francisco is prefered but not necessary if there is a place that just knocks your socks off outside of the city limits).

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  1. Can you give more details? What specific type of Chinese are you looking for? For sushi, do you prefer more traditional nigiri and sashimi, or are you looking for fusion rolls?

    Thai House Express (901 Larkin @ Geary) is pretty much my favorite Thai restaurant in the Bay Area.

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      Shortexact -

      Good call. As for Chinese - I'm all about the Schezwan. I would love a good recommendation for both nigiri/sashimi and fusion rolls (of course it doesn't have to be the same restaurant). There a few custom sushi rolls I really enjoy and so far I haven't found any place that seems friendly enough much less good enough to approach with such requests.

      And thanks for the Thai suggestion!

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        Sichuan, schlep across the bay to China Village in Albany.

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          I don't eat fusion rolls more than a couple times a year (and usually not voluntarily), so I'm probably not the best to recommend on this -- but there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm about Sushi Bistro, on Balboa in the Inner Richmond. I've never been though, so perhaps other folks will have a better perspective.

          For traditional nigiri, my favorites in SF proper are Ino Sushi (Miyako Mall in Japantown), Murasaki (Clement, Inner Richmond), and Sebo (Hayes @ Octavia).

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            Awesome. I heard good things about Sushi Bistro on Yelp..but then again I also heard good things about Deep Sushi on there and I left that sorry excuse for a sushi bar very disappointed.

            I can't wait to check out your suggestions!

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              Yeah, about Yelp... it's sort of amazing the wide variety of restaurants (ranging from excellent to horrible) that manage to get the stock 4-star rating.

              The Sushi Bistro rec comes from a couple friends of mine who are really into fusion rolls (no matter how I try to convince them otherwise to embrace nigiri!), and they seem to like it, so hopefully that will work out for you.

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            Not to sound like a broken record but I have yet to experience great sushi in SF in any of those categories. I use to eat sushi 2-4 times a week when I lived in LA. Now I go occasionally. However, the places that I have gone to and keep going back to are-
            Sushi Ran - Sausalito- fresh sushi and good fusion rolls
            Grandeho's Kamekyo - in Cole Valley this is in my neighborhood but always satisfying and fresh sushi, they have a good list of nigiri and will create fusion rolls for you. No attitude very nice folks.
            Sushi Groove- Russian Hill- have not been here for awhile but was pretty good the last time.
            Okina Sushi- for basic fresh sushi and sashimi. fresh and flavorful. This is a tiny hidden spot on Arguello Boulevard near Golden Gate Ave. Very small and humble, low key. Super reasonable too. Oh only open thurs. to sunday.

            I use to eat lunch at Blowfish all the time, fun place good rolls.

        2. Second on Thai House Express.

          For Hong Kong-style Chinese, now that Harbor Village is closed, Koi Palace.

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            For Thai I would also recommend Jitalada on Buchanan in J town. Sushi Ran in Sausalito for sushi.

          2. My favorite sushi place in San Francisco is Kabuto on Geary and 14th. They are best known for their sashimi but their rolls are good too. They also have a really innovative menu with lots of interesting rolls such as a hamachi ceviche roll. My favorites are the sunrise roll (salmon around rice topped with tobiko and a raw quail egg) and the escolar, wahoo, ono and hamachi belly sashimi.
            For Thai I like to go to Khan Toke, really good Thai food, lovely ambiance and reasonable prices. It's located way out on Geary and 22nd.
            For Chinese, the best are San Tung in the outer richmond, their dry fried crispy chicken wings are a must try and R and G Lounge in Chinatown for their deep fried salt and pepper crab and their peking duck. Yum!

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              Did San Tung move? Last I checked, they were at 11th and Irving in the Inner Sunset.

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                Kabuto was sold in 2005 and there were some reports of a drop in quality after the new owners took over. I can't find any recent reports but it no longer reglarly gets mentioned in response to the monthly "where's the best sushi" question.

              2. Oops my bad! That's what I meant, I was totally thinking of khan toke in the outer richmond. Sorry about that!