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Mar 14, 2007 01:00 PM

Upscale Sunday Brunch

Hello. Could you please make some suggestions for an upscale Sunday Brunch? It can be either a buffet or served Brunch - though buffet would be nice. A view isn't important either.

We're more interested in high quality rather than food quantity and we'll ignore price for the time being. :)

Thanks for your help -

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  1. Four Seasons or St Regis for hotel-style high end

      1. Norma's at the Parc Meridian

        1. 11 Madison Park
          slightly less upscale as these two, but brunch at the Cafe at Country is very good.

          1. Tribeca Grand Hotel has a nice Sunday brunch. Buffet, though not enormous, has more than enough choices and is always fresh.