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Mar 14, 2007 12:52 PM

Bachelorette Dinner for 6-10 downtown

I'm planning a nice dinner for my sister-in-law as the beginning of a Bachelorette night on the town. We'll have 6-10 people (most mid-late 20's), and I'd like to stay within the Beacon Hill/Back Bay/South End area if possible. Would like a nice meal (OK if entrees are within $20-$35 range), with a nice atmosphere (no super loud music where you have to yell; round tables for large groups a plus) and must take reservations.

I'd appreciate any and all suggestions.
Thanks so much.

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  1. Some fun places where I like to go are Prezza in the North End, Stella or Union in the South End or Mistral or Sorellina in the Back Bay/South End. Mistral does verge on going above $35 per entree but I typically order apps or pizza vs. entrees when I go there.