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Mar 14, 2007 12:51 PM

Dinner options near Westin Long Beach

I will be staying at the Westin at 333 East Ocean Blvd in Long Beach for several days next week and am looking for casual dinner locations within walking distance of the hotel if possible. Prefer Chow-worthy places that are not tourist oriented and preferably not chains.

Good food, casual, price not an issue, places where someone from Long Beach would go for dinner.


BL -- Washington, DC Hound

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  1. i like george's on pine. very friendly. pretty good food.

    1. Most people from LB don't actually go downtown for dinner.

      I think you can walk to King's Fish House on Pine Avenue from the Westin. There are two halves, the more casual one and the dinner house.

      1. I'll second George's, and add Alegria, for tapas and Spanish style cuisine. If the weather is warm, their sangria is very refreshing.

        1. King's is great but service can be sketchy. I get the trout almondine with mac & cheese.