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Mar 14, 2007 12:49 PM

Throwback Soda Fountain?

Eddie's Sweet Shop in Forest Hills or Hinsch's in Bay Ridge: which is better for ambience, food, and drink/dessert?

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  1. Eddie's for ambience, Hinsch's for absolutely authentic late 70s/early 80s chow and decor. I swear, when I was eating that cheeseburger, I could have been back in 1983 at the Howard Johnson's in my local Long Island shopping mall, digging my new digital arcade watch.

    The other plus is that Hinsch's is near Century 21, if you're into that kind of stuff.

    1. I don't know if it still exsts, but there was/is a little soda fountain place on 3rd Ave.
      Anapoli : 6920 Third Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11209
      nr. Bay Ridge Ave.Aka 69th St
      They had great ice cream and those yummy ice cream parlour lunch offerings.
      If it's still around, definitely worth a visit. I believe Once Upon A Sundae is gone
      Personally, I was never a big fan of Hinsch's.

      1. Here is a review from 9.06, so it may still be around
        Hope it helps...

        Anapoli Ice Cream Parlor & Family Restaurant User Reviews

        What users are saying
        Prompt seating: yes Make reservations: no Good for kids: yes Write a review and share your thoughts with other users.

        Nice old ice cream shop
        Posted on 09/29/2006
        "This old fashion ice cream parlor makes all the great soda fountain classics, floats, shakes, malts, etc. The ambiance is fantastic. Everywhere you look there is old wood with mirrors and old ice cream figurines (like Woolworth's used to have). At one time this place specialized in American cuisine, but was taken over by a Greek family which gave it the menu of Greek diner. The Greek salad and all of their Greek cuisine are great, and the burgers and traditional soda fountain / luncheonette dishes aren't bad either. The staff is as friendly as could be and the guy behind the counter is (almost) always in a good mood and scoops up all the ice cream specialties. Try a vanilla or cherry Coke to drink.

        Pros: Atmosphere, fountain specialties, service.
        Cons: The hot fudge is not very thick, you're better off with choc syrup "
        Overall user rating: Recommended

        1. What about Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor on Hillside Ave in Richmond Hill? It's the only one left, I think. I used to love going to the Fair Lawn, NJ location when I was little.

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            My wife, myself, and a couple of friends went to Jahn's last year sometime, and were very disappointed. I grew up near the Jahn's in Levittown and this wasn't the Jahn's that I remembered. The service was poor Ieven though the place was empty) and the sundaes were underwhelming. The ice cream wasn't smooth or creamy and the toppings were very skimpy.