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Mar 14, 2007 12:43 PM

Mother Kelly's - is this place still good?

I'm helping to organize a 30 person bridal shower and Mother Kelly's came up as an option. I saw some mixed reviews when I looked up older posts. Has anyone dined here recently?

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  1. Ew! There are plenty of other places I'd pick.

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      I'll take that as a "no." What other places would you recommend for a shower? About $30-35 per head is our target, not limited to Italian. Thanks!

    2. Mother Kelly's is a nice place to eat with good food, however, I would not recommend it for a Bridal Shower. I would think you would want something more upscale. Depends on what kind of food you are looking for.

      1. How about Seventh Street Cafe in Garden City. I've been to a wedding reception in their downstairs room and it was very nice for what it was type-situation. Good food (not the best ever), but good, and I don't think it's too pricey. I think it's one of those places where they work w/ you.

        And, if this is any indication...when I drive thru their back parking lot, on the weekends, there is literally almost always a shower ending, w/ gals coming out w/ gifts etc.

        1. Mother Kelly's has amazing food no question, not sure about the space for the party though. LaViola is right next door with family style Italian and plenty of space.

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            My spouse will go out of his way to get take out from Mother Kelly's and bring it back to Westchester. However, last time he went, he got home and they did not include the 2 spinach rolls he ordered (and paid for). He called them to get a credit (okay, I made him do that) and they told him that they do not know how to work the "credit" part of the credit card machine, and gave him a "next time you come in we'll take care of you".


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              We ended up choosing this place for the bridal shower because they apparently have a private room, special party menu & location was central to invitees. I'll let you all know the verdict. I expect to find the food good *I hope*!