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Mar 14, 2007 12:24 PM

SOMA suggestions?

Specifically, does anyone have a good rundown of lunch places around 4th and Brannan? Not looking for fancy nouveau french-californian whatever that seems to proliferate around here.

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  1. well if you're willing to go to 1st theres Delancy Street, Town's End, and the french bistro down the block.. all are good.

    1. Used to work on Brannan and 4th a few years ago, so I can't say if it's still good NOW, but here's a few places we'd hit:
      Roadhouse on 4th for sandwiches
      The Mexican place on South Park for burritos
      Cafe Centro in SOuth Park for sandwiches
      Primo Patio on Townsend and 4th for Caribbean food
      21st Amendment, Burger Island, and Zeke's for burgers
      There's also that sandwich/salad, soup chain place next the Wells Fargo
      Whole Foods is now on 4th and Harrison (not too far to walk).

      1. Naan 'n' Chutney, the cheap Pakistani place that used to be called Shan, at 474 Third.

        1. to add to viliang's post (and 2nd the naan n chutney rec..)
          chava's on 4th and bryant is a bargain
          the soup/sandwich place next to wellsfargo is gone :( but zuppa is now open for lunch (tho might not fit in your bargain category. good pizzas, tho.
          hotel utah has decent food (4th and bryant)
          if you trek toward 6th there's luna taqueria (6th and bryant, that is)
          south beach cafe townsend and embarcadero has great pizzas, sandwiches and salads
          tres agaves at the bar has good tacos
          'course there's subway in the train station and choppers across the street (sandwiches)
          on 6th there's grab n go italian -- good soup/sandwiches and if you walk another half block caffe roma across from the hall of justice has great salalds and sandwiches.
          oh! and a bunch of places just opened 7th and brannan area (holy grill, some meditteranean place)

          1. Hey, hey, hey ... there's nothing wrong with lunch at Coco500 at the corner of 4th & Brannan ... don't hate it just because it is med or something californian.

            The sandwich shop next to Wells Fargo is closed. I like Chompers too.

            Is ... what was it ... Blanche's still open ... it was a funky joint on the water a block up from the train depot?

            I have Brickhouse on my places to stop.

            I like Mexico au Parc in South Park as well.

            If people are sending you all the way to Delancy street, there is an Indian place on 2nd & Folsum.