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Mar 14, 2007 12:22 PM

Monterey/Carmel weekend recs for breakfast, lunch and wineries

I'm heading to Monterey on Friday for the weekend and while we have our dinners planned out (Passionfish and Stokes), any ideas of good breakfast and lunch spots wold be great. Also, we plan to do a little wine tasting so would also appreciate any recommendations in that arena as well. Thanks in advance.

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  1. You may want to look at a couple previous threads. For wineries:

    About one breakfast/lunch place I like:

    Also good for lunches and breakfasts is the Red House in Pacific Grove.


    1. Try any of the bakeries for a sandwich or pick up some cheese and charcuterie at a gourmet food store (there used to be one at the uphill corner of the main road (is it forest?), and take it to the park in Carmel or the beach. The scenery there will make the food taste better (or make you forget about the food altogether).

      1. Almost forgot - in Carmel, make sure you save a breakfast and go to Tuck Box for scones and olalieberry jam. Delicious, and you'll feel like you're having tea in a dollhouse. (Recs above are for Carmel as well). Monterrey and Pacific Grove are also gorgeous, but the food options are not as good as Carmel, not that Carmel food is anything to write home about.

        1. Rosie, I own you one. We went to Amador Co to taste last week. Loved the Vintage Mkt for their panini sandwiches. Had a picnic each day. Didn't get to Taste, but sure will next time. Loved the wineries, very laid-back and pleasant.

          Carmel, I think the name is Katy's in downtown for breakfast. For lunch, it's a 30 min drive south to Big Sur and Nepenthe restaurant. Yes, it's $13. hamburgers, but the view is priceless. Good wine list too, ask for Angus. If you don't want to drive that far, try the California Market at the Highlands Inn, 4 miles south of Carmel. Sit outside and enjoy another priceless view.

          We have 2 favorite wines made in Carmel Valley, Parsonage and Boete. They share a nondescript tasting room in a tiny shopping ctr where the Baja Mex restaurant is. BTW, skip Baja. Julien has a lovely tasting room with so-so wine.

          Let me know if you need more info...

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            Gail-glad that you enjoyed Amador County's wine and food offerings. As far as the weather was concerned, you couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Which wineries were your favorites? Despite having worked a summer in the tasting room at Sobon/Shenandoah, if forced to pick only two, am partial to Vino Noceto and Terre Rouge/Easton.
            Thanks for the recommendations. I am born and raised in Northern California but yet have never been to Monterey/Carmel so I'm afraid that my list of "to-do's/sees" is too ambitious for 3 days but I am certainly going to try my hardest to fit it all in!