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Birthday Crawfish Boil -- Dessert??

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Hello Everyone - I live in Vegas ..moved here after the Hurricane and my birthday wish is a crawfish boil. Shipped from home LOL
But what dessert goes with crawfish - can't quite imaige a birthday cake LOL

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  1. I think a cake would be good! Or continue with the finger food thing, and make them cupcakes. If you want something more specifically New Orleans: Bread pudding! Pralines! Bananas Foster! Lemon icebox pie!

    Or if you're eating outside anyway, get a fryer and do beignets.

    1. No Lemon Ice Box Pie - that sounds like a keeper - now off to find a good recipe

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        I concur...citrus desserts are the way to go. Lemon meringue pie, little tartlets filled with lemon curd, lemon cooler cookies, an old-fashioned lemon jelly roll....

      2. I love strawberry shortcake after a crawfish boil. Something about the refreshing combo. See if you can get some Ponchatoula strawberries sent your way as well. Enjoy!!!

        1. found it on my old bosses website John Folse



          1. Here's a link to a thread with the lemon icebox pie recipe:


            1. The best dessert I can think of to complement the crawfish is mandarin cake. Fits with the birthday plans quite well and it's refrigerated and quite easy to make.
              My second choice would be a tie between BlueBell Homemade Vanilla ice cream and a Sonic Frosted Coke (now stupidly called a blended float)!