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Mar 14, 2007 12:18 PM

Guidance on a 30 inch gas range please

Do you love yours? Why or why not? What brands should be considered? I need big BTUs for my wok.

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  1. I recently bought a Frigidaire 30 in. free standing gas range, self cleaning, sealed burners, a power boost burner (14,000 btu) that is larger and more powerful than the other 3 (9,500 btu), electronic controls and I love it! The large burner heats big stockpots of water in record time. The model number is FGF366EC if you want to look at the specs. I got a really great price on it too.

    1. I hate mine (came with the house). It's an Amana, and has 6 inches on the side taken up with the knobs, so the cooking surface is tiny. While it has 4 burners, its impossible to get four good size pots cooking at once. It does have a ton of power, but is not great on the lower end of the spectrum. Even on the smaller burners, I cannot get it low enough to do a really slow simmer.

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        That's an old stove. Amana hasn't made one like that in quite some while.

        I hve a JennAir Pro Style, and I love it. The 30 inch comes with a grill on the left hadn side, but I purchsed a burner package which I use there most often. Then when I want to grill some meat, I switch out for the grill. those two burners have a lot more "juice" than the standard burner, and stir frying on either of them is a breeze.

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          It's still on the Amana website:

          I think I was confusing ranges with cooktops, however. If the poster is looking for a free-standing stove/over combination, then my dislike for the Amana cooktop wouldn't apply.

      2. So far we are loving our GE Profile top of the line Gas/Gas 30" slide-in range. I forget the model but it is easy to find on their site. Sealed burners are great and the power boil is amazing. The oven gets dirty but is easy to clean and the abundance of racks and positions are great for baking or cooking.

        The probe, I'm told, is dead on accurate. Haven't tried it yet but will.

        1. You might want to consider a Dacor. Here's a 30 inch model with 15,000 BTU burners and continuous grates.

          We have one and enjoy it. It may not be the mack daddy of gas ranges but it's serviceable. Whatever you buy just make sure you vent it properly.

          1. I have a Blue Star. It was pircy but I love it more than any other range I've ever used. Ditto for my wife who didn't used to care what we cooked on. It heats water faster than any other range but gives you control over what you cook. E-mail me if you want more particulars. Can't say enough about how good it is.

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              Eclectic Eater,

              Thanks for the tip on Blue Star, looking at their website it appears that these ranges are not self cleaning. Am I missing something? I like the 22k BTUs though...booyah!