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Best Burgers in Seattle

Who has the best burger in Seattle? I don't mind spending $10-plus for something extraordinary. Red Mill is fine, but is it really the best? I have a soft spot for the Dock St burger at Bad Alberts. Greasy is good, served with a cold beer is even better. Please - share your favorites!

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  1. LFP, I think Two Bells Tavern holds it's own and also meets your beer goals.

    1. To be honest, I'm still searching. I thought Red Mill was the best looking burger I've had, but the flavor was kind of bland to me. It didn't have the beefy flavor that I was looking for. I wonder if they snuck in a Boca Burber by accident.

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        I tried Zesto's in Ballard, 65st and 15th (?).
        They have a good burger at a decent price.

      2. Two Bells has my favorite burger in town (even though I'm not always wild about the crusty bread it's served on). Plus, beer! This place makes me happy about the smoking ban.

        That said, I do think Red Mill is the best West Coast-style (thin patty in balance with well-chosen toppings) burger in town. I find myself there more often than any other burger spot. Honorable mention in the west-coast category: Dick's deluxe burger. Love the chopped pickles.

        1. Dagoose -

          You bring up a good point. In my mind, "cooked to order" is a key factor in the perfect burger.

          1. Kind of a random spot, but the Latona Pub in Wallingford has the BEST burger I've had in Seattle. It is served on an Essential Bakery bun and you can request carmelized onions for free.

            1. I think there is a thread about this so you might want to do a search.

              I participate in a burger of the month group through another board and the burger at Palace Kitchen is the number one favorite. The one that all others are graded against. Two Bells and Maple Leaf Grill are the next closest. I also like the burger at Collins Pub.

              LFP - you mentioned the Dock St burger at Bad Alberts - would that be related to the Dock St burger at Leny's?

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                Bad Alberts is on the corner of Dock St & Ballard Ave. I don't know of any relation to Leny's.

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                  My bad - check out their website: http://www.badalberts.com/dockstreet.htm. Lauren, does your burger group have a report?

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                    Fascinating! Bad Alberts was one of our selections but, after a couple people went and said the burger had gone downhill from the last time they had eaten there, we chose another place. But Rockdoggydog loves Leny's. I had no idea the burgers were related.

                    Here's where we discuss our findings: http://mouthfulsfood.com/forums//inde...

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                      Bad Albert's supplies the burgers at Lenny's. Same product. They don't run the bar, just the kitchen. I have had many a Bad Albert's Dock Street burger and they are consistently great in my opinion.

              2. I don't eat burgers too often but my favorite is the one at Hilltop Ale House. Juicy, served with peppers and onions, it is sooo good. The one time I had the Palace burger I was not impressed, also don't get Red Mill's appeal.

                1. I haven't eaten it yet but the Seattle Weekly reviews Sherry T's Family Restaurant 4421 Rainier Ave. S. And thier burger sounds DY-NO-mite.


                  1. try the burger at Coupage http://www.coupageseattle.com/menu/co...
                    it will definitely blow past the $10 limit though (ok share it with a friend)

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                      Oooh, I forgot about the burger at Coupage. We haven't done it "officially" for BoM but I have had it a couple of times and it is fab!

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                        have to add to the list the Wagyu burger at Steelhead Diner. 1 burger is enough for 2 people. Gloriously sloppy and juicy (when ordered medium rare)

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                          Big endorsement for the Steelhead Diner burger. It is indeed large, and luxuriously greasy. Two Bells is also excellent, and not quite as sloppy; they succeed in the use of the unorthodox french bread. The no-fries policy is silly, though. These are $13 and $9/10 respectively, so comparison with Red Mill, a less glorious burger, is perhaps unfair. Dick's is the best value.

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                          The burger at Coupage is damn good. Went to Palace Kitchen last night because of the recommendations on the burger and it was pretty good...nothing amazing. Too much meat?

                      2. Some of my favorites are the Nickerson Saloon just West of the Fremont Bridge on the Queen Anne side. Also the Ram at U Village makes a good burger. Finally Bings in Madison Park. Try the Hola burger.

                        1. I'll second the Palace Kitchen burger - 'tis tasty indeed. My first choice, though, is the burger off the bar menu at Metropolitan Grill (in the bar, not the resto) - I believe it's Kobe beef, ground in house. I recommend a Leffe to go with, which they have on tap.

                          1. I again (from the previous hamburger thread) vote for Scoop Du Jour in Madison Park. I've tried some but not all of the aforementioned, but this place is up there.

                            1. My husband's favorite food is ground beef. He says the best burger in town is at King's in Ballard. Fantastic onion rings and a full bar to wash it all down. They have a burger we've never tried (yet!) with a patty, bacon, and peanut butter. Maybe next time....

                              1. We're huge fans of the burger at Circa at the Admiral Junction in West Seattle (we like their fries, too). Food has been quite disappointing to me lately (I think something sounds good, but then I eat it and it's not what I'd hoped). The exception is the Circa burger. Every time I've thought it's what I wanted, it was that and more! They use Painted Hills beef and cook to order.
                                (Note that their weekend brunch menu includes the burger and also E's most favorite breakfast of all time anywhere--the Louisiana Eggs Benedict).

                                1. I've always been fond of the burgers here in Ballard at several spots, my favorite is still the burger at The People's Pub (yes, they do have food other than German entrees *s*). They were using Oregon Country Natural Beef for their burgers way before it became abundant up here. Their Garden Burger (with bacon added!) is one of my favorite 1AM meals after hitting a show at the Tractor as well.

                                  1. How come nobody does charcoal grilled meats around here? When I lived back in Wisconsin, the best burgers were always charcoal grilled. Even though I more often cook mine on the back deck over the gas grill for convenience these days, I still fire up the Weber kettle upon occasion to get that wonderful charcoal flavor. And I refuse to grill bratwurst over anything but a charcoal fire!

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                                      Jak's in W. Seattle serves a fan-friggin-tastic burger. For about the same $$$ as the mediocre burgers at E. Bay Brewery, this burger is big, tasty and perfectly cooked to order.

                                    2. I became incurably disappointed in Red Mill long ago when I couldn't seem to get a burger without a slopping, slimy mass of lettuce. Really, is it so hard to get crispy greens in Seattle? Anyhoo...I found a tasty burger that provides nice beef for the buck: Blue Moon Burger in South Lake Union (and which recently popped up in Fremont...in the space where the newer-old Bandeleone stood until it was killed by the Bridge project construction). Crispy lettuce, juicy patty, less than six bucks, and some nice variations on the burger theme for those craving chipotle or non-standard-issue accoutrements. You can get your beer on, too. Yum.

                                      1. Norm's in Fremont has some of the best burgers in Seattle. It's located next door to Roxy's Deli and the Ballroom. They're open for lunch again, lots of great beer choices, and the burgers come in at under $10, though barely.

                                        1. I tried Two Bells burger and was very happy with it. Nice and juicy- lots of flavor and a beautiful med-rare inside, well seared on the outside. The bread was actually- well bread, not a traditional roll, but a garlicky crusty french bread- and I liked that too. I was very disappointed to find out that they had no fries. Boo hoo. Will have to search for that on here in a seperate thread.

                                          1. I need to add another burger place that I can't believe hasn't come up yet. The Deluxe Bar & Grill on Broadway makes really good burgers. If you go on Wednesday night they have Burgerama and all burgers are $5 or so. My current favorite is the BOA burger, Bacon Onion Avocado. So good.

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                                              I had a bad burger at the Deluxe once - it was not cooked to my requested level of doneness. Chowhound policy forbids me from commenting any further on the result.