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Late Night Eating Under the Influence

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OK, we all have been out late night (well past midnight) had a few drinks, have a nice buzz and are now pretty hungry. Do you prefer pizza, chinese, street meat, bagles, diner....
Personally we like to hit 69 Bayard for chinese, 8th and A for pizza, esse bagel on 23rd and 3rd or Pop Burger when in the meat packing district. What about you guys?

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  1. Please respond with your go-to places for late night eats. Thanks, everyone.

    1. When I'm downtown, Bereket for a doner kebab with extra cacik and a piece of baklava to go. If I'm uptown on the Westside and it's before 2 am on a weekend, Taqueria y Fonda for a couple of tacos and a Hornitas...once I arrived just as they were pulling the gates down and I must have looked so disappointed they went inside and brought me two tamales to take home! If I'm too late for tacos, I stumble up a little further and one over for a monster slice from Koronet. Any greasy spoon diner on the Upper East Side. If I'm in Williamsburg or Greenpoint Kellogg's, unless I'm at Pete's Candy Store, in which case I'll get one of their excellent grilled sandwiches. Hell's Kitchen I go to Westway, or if I'm already at Rudy's I'll get one of their frightening free hot dogs.

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        Funny I think the world of Taqueria y Fonda! Also add to your list Momofuku for late night EV gourmet eats.

      2. I second the doner in the village. Great late night snack.

        1. I am apparently the king of this. It's a running gag that if we go out drinking, we will inevitably go about eating a second or third dinner if I'm around. In the EV this usually involves Pommes Frites or Veselka's. In the Meatpacking District I loved Diner 24, though not so much its newer incarnation, Tour. I can often be found at Fatty Crab at 1am on a Saturday and then the Taco Truck on 14th for one last bite before I get on the train. UWS = Nick's Burger is heaven. WV= the falafel stand next to Vol de Nuit made outstanding falafel and kibbeh. Not sure if it's finished renovating or if it completely closed. I'm ashamed to say that back in the day, when especially intoxicated, I was known to go the Rat Hotel Taco Bell on 6th Ave. Yikes!

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            YES!!!! I went out for A drink with a former co-worker in the West Village, and A drink turned into several drinks and a round of whiskey. We got up to leave and I realized I needed some grease to be able to make it to work the next day, and we stopped at that Taco Bell...THE DAY BEFORE THE NEWS ITEM!!! I'm not dead yet, but I'm still vigilant about unusual symptoms. Hahaha.

            And just the other night I went to a show that ran late at Webster Hall and me and my whiskey breath (occupational hazard) stumbled over to Pommes Frites only to discover they were closed!! I went to Cinderella for falafel (which was pretty good, actually) but the baklava was lousy, and the weird rose water dessert was even worse.

            We must have passed each other at one eating establishment or another in the wee hours!