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Mar 14, 2007 11:53 AM

Vic's Pizza - still works for me!

Had pizza at Vic's for the first time in about 20 years this past weekend. I was happy to find the pie (and the decor for that matter!) to be exactly the same. Great crispy thin crust, perfect cheese/sauce ratio, bit of saltiness (a la sal and carmine's on the UWS of NY where I reside).

We're renting a house in Loch Arbour this summer so I look forward to more visits.

I know people rave about Pete/Elda/Carmens so I'll give that a try as well.

Any other Pizza to put to the test in the area??

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  1. I know its a matter of preference, but I don't understand why people are crazy about Vics and Pete & Elda's pizzas. I've tried both and found the pizza to taste like tomato sauce and cheese on top of matzoh (that reminds me - passover is coming up). I guess its not my bag. On the other hand, I love DeLorenzo's (I've only been to Hamilton not Hudson) as well as Una Pizza Napoletana (formerly Pt. Pleasant and now NYC). To me those are perfectly crispy thin crust pizzas with just enough texture. Just my 2 cents.

    1. A little north of you but our local go-to places are Brothers in Red Bank and Val's Tavern in Rumson.

      1. Haven't been back in a while, but the pizza at Vesuvio's in Belmar was pretty good, too. Pete/Elda's and Vic's are our local mainstays in the area

        1. Vic's and Pete & Elda's/Carmine's are prob the best in the area of Loch Arbour. I havent tried Val's in Rumson, though.
          Luigi's on Rt 35 Ocean is my favorite. Take-out only. Thin but not crispy.
          However, during the summer these places are going to be crowded so expect a wait. Sorry. There are several other good restaurants in the area. You'll eat well :)