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Mar 14, 2007 11:39 AM

Seafood Market/Fishmonger near Myrtle Beach/Litchfield?

I'll be in Litchfield this weekend and need to find a good place to buy seafood (fresh fish, but I don't eat shellfish) to cook for dinner Friday. I'll be shopping there mid-day Friday. Any places? I've scoured the boards but can't determine anything. Any local or seasonal specialities?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Stop by Lee's Farmer's Market:

    4883 Highway 17
    Murrell's Inlet, SC 29576
    (843) 651-7398

    They are located north of Litchfield. While not strictly a seafood market they do have some seafood (whatever is running) and offer a fine selection of imported cheeses, fresh vegetables and fruits, excellent Italian olive oils, handcut to order usda prime steaks and other foods equally impossible to find in local supermarkets. If you don't find what you're looking for there they will be happy to point you in the right direction. They are located on the east side of the main part of US17, not US17 Business. US17 Bus. takes you into Murrell's Inlet proper. Look for a large wooden sign set back off the highway. They are in a stand-alone building that appears to be an old house with unpaved parking set among a large stand of trees. Lee's is my first stop whenever I go to the coast. Happy shopping.

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    1. re: Cpt Wafer

      This is an excellent place.
      However they do not sell any fish
      They do sell great sausage
      Local fish is sold jut behind Lee's just ask

        1. re: bshep9229

          No fish, true. But I have bought some really nice local shrimp there several times. If they don't have what you're in search of just ask.and they'll have the skinny lowdown on where to get some. Murrell's Inlet Seafood (843.651.9309), 4886 Business Hwy. 17, has very good local seafood.

          1. re: Cpt Wafer

            Harrellsons Seafood and Murrells Inlet Seafood both in the inlet have great seafood. There is actually another seafood market in Murrells Inlet but the name escapes me.