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Mar 14, 2007 11:14 AM

Best (restaurant) desserts in Texas?

Which specific desserts are must-tries, in your opinion? I'm looking for down-home, fancy, nouveau, old-school—all types of desserts are welcome, but I'm especially interested in trying those sweets that you could only find in Texas, or the South more generally. Any part of the state: small towns, big cities, east, west, border . . .

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  1. I think Pecan Pie is a true Texas dessert. A truly good piece has lots of nuts and is sweet but not over the top. Now I'm hungry for pie!

    1. Well, I do like the mammoth cake selection at La Duni in Dallas, but they're not very "Texan."

      Honestly, you can't go wrong with a nice bourbon-pecan pie from HEB's Cental Market.


      1. Well I think it's weird that *every* restaurant has bread pudding as a dessert.

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          Well, not every, but most of them do.


        2. Sorebt tasting and passion fruit souffle at The Mansion

          pear toban yaki at nobu

          Banana buenelo at Cuba Libre

          Donuts and Smores at N9ne

          Moonpie at Pappas Brothers

          Madilines at the now closed Standard

          Rocky road ice cream cookie at jaspers

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            How could I forget!! Brown bag apple pie at Perry's!!!

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              I definitely love the moonpie at Pappas, also the desserts at the Asian Mint are pretty good as well

            2. Though not "Southern", any of the cakes at La Duni
              Pies at Celebration restaurant
              Pecan pie from Whole Foods
              Heaven and Hell cake at Stephen Pyles
              Chocolate cake at Hibiscus
              Key Lime Pie, if they have it, at Houstons restaurant
              Cobblers at Dickey's or Sonny Bryan's
              Some of these are not particularly "Southern", but are my favorites here in Dallas