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Mar 14, 2007 11:07 AM

Best desserts in southern restaurants

So a brief survey here brings up the following must-try desserts:

Banana Pudding Creme Brulee at Comfort in Richmond, VA
Caramel cake at See Wee Restaurant and Hominy Grill, Charleston, SC, area
Coconut cake at Peninsula Grill (upscale), Charleston, SC
Hummingbird cake at Boulevard Diner, Charleston, SC
Pinto bean pie at Walli's Fish Supreme, Charleston, SC
Coca-Cola cake at Jestine's, Charleston, SC
Chocolate chess pie at Stub's Cafe, Yazoo City, MS
Chocolate walnut pie at University of South Carolina Restaurant School

I'm looking for more—much more. Any specific favorite desserts in Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, etc.? Fancy, down-home, nouveau, old-school—all are welcome. Oh, and if you've got Texas ones I'll post a query on that board too, because a road trip to Texas (from GA) is in my near future!

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  1. Any pie from Johnny Ray's BBQ (local chain in AL). The chocolate pie and lemon ice box are wonderful. No meringue - REAL whipped cream.
    Chocolate Roulage at Cobb Lane (Birmingham)
    Creme Brulee at Highlands Bar & Grille (Birmingham - the original Frank Stitt restaurant)
    Cheesecake at O'Carrs Deli (Birmingham)

    1. Chocolate Chess Pie at the Angus Barn in NC
      Homemade Kit Kat Bars at One Midtown Kitchen in Atlanta
      Bakalava Ice Cream at Ocean in Birmingham
      Mile High Pie at Bone's in Atlanta
      Warm Chocolate cheesecake at Aria in Atlanta
      Amarula cheesecake at any Metrotainment Cafe in Atlanta
      Chcocolate Bread pudding at Red Fish Grill in New Orleans

      1. Banana Pudding at Crooks Corner in Chapel Hill
        Southern Comfort Ice Cream at Francesca's in Durham
        Every dessert I've tasted from Magnolia Grill in Durham has been sublime
        Pastries, esp. the summer fruit tarts at Guglehupf in Durham

        1. Chocolate Velvet--Lilly's; Breeder's Cup Torte--Desserts by Helen, both in Louisville, KY

          1. Pistachio gelato at Gelateria Modica in Charleston, S.C.