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Mar 14, 2007 10:53 AM

Going to Yummy Yummy (SF) Tonight

I'm going to grab dinner at yummy yummy tonight on Irving and 11th. I was wondering what are some of the must order items. I did a survey of recent posts regarding the restaurant and the Banh Khot and raw beef salad sound great, but what else would you suggest. By the way, I'm heading there with a group of about 6, so dishes that can be shared would be a plus. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I really like the bun cary ga (curry chicken noodle soup) in addition to the banh khot and their various bun dishes. Their crab is supposed to be good, but I haven't tried it. Enjoy!

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      Skip the crab. Maybe it's good in season, but last time we went I noticed some awfully lethargic or possibly dead crabs in the tank on my way to the bathroom, but then made the mistake of letting the waiter push us into ordering the crab. I even asked him if they had fresher crabs in the kitchen than the ones I saw in the tank. It was awful, and he wouldn't refund us--he said they only recook dishes and since none of the crabs in the tank were moving we just paid and left.

    2. We ordered take-out on Sat. The fresh spring roll w/ shrimp was wrapped in cellophane. I took a bite and they were clearly pre-made and old. The lettuce was brown in places and the shrimp did not taste fresh. Yuck! I had to throw this out. The claypot catfish was good on the first bite but much too salty. The last dish was the grilled beef that you wrap up with noodles, lettuce, mint, bean sprouts and cucumber in a wrapper you dip in water to soften. This dish was okay though the dipping sauce did not taste right. All in all, a waste of $30. I would not go there again.

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        When the OP made his post, I was thinking "must order items?" The place is okay, I guess, but seems to have an undeserved reputation for excellent food.

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          Atomic: For places you can get out of $15 lighter, as you can at YY, what would
          you recomend?

          To the OP, #30 is my current favorite.
          Some more comments at:

          #30 is quite sharable, but you wont want to, so make sure it
          has your name on it :-)

      2. That's interesting. I've had nothing but good experiences at Yummy Yummy, particularly with pho and bun, and always excellent service. San Tong next door, however....

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          Isaac, finish the sentence, what about San Tong -- better, worse, the worst?

        2. You will love the raw beef salad if you like roasted garlic!! I order that dish everytime