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Speranza on Hyperion?

Has anyone been to Speranza, the new-ish place on Hyperion near Gelson's and Trader Joes? It used to be Caffe Capri, which I loved the two times I went there. Wondering how the new place compares.

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  1. I've been there, and it was nice.

    The chef comped us soup (which was very good), but this was when they first opened. I also ordered fish dish (for pick up) that would take 30 minutes to prepare, it was not on time but really good.

    I haven't been there for months, but they started on a strong foot.

    1. That's good to know. Is it still Italian, or is it a different cuisine now?

      1. yeah italian...

        the apps are really good.

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          Anyone else been? How does it compare with Da Giannino's?

          It's kept quite a low-profile, I didn't even know a new restaurant had opened....

        2. We're thinking about trying this tonight, it's within walking distance - any other feedback on this place before we do? Do we need reservations. I remember Caffe Capri was small...Thanks.

          1. Please tell me the chef/owner has changed since it's last name. Went there last year and had the most horrifying meal of my life. It was still called Caffe Capri then. I hear the old Caffe Capri used to be amazing back in the day. It's such a cute little space but I fear the last owners may have spoiled it. More reports and menu items please...

            1. The answer is very simple--THIS IS THE BEST ITALIAN FOOD FOR THE MONEY IN LA!!! The fresh pasta is beautiful and simple. Though I've not had the meat dishes (and I've been there several times), one could easily get lost in the pesto or lasagna. The beet salad is clean, fresh, and original and you won't taste a raw artichoke heart salad anywhere else. Go eat there.

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                Don't suppose a phone number is within posting distance. I know the location is 2547 Hyperion. No abc licensing now, nor probably will there ever be. As to a comparison to da giannino, who should care, unless the new owners finally cleaned up the food and the place.
                And the parking after 7:30 is dreadful!!!

              2. went last night. very good comped shrimp and okra soup. the mozzarella on the caprese was phenomenally fresh. the homemade ziti was great. had tiramisu for dessert -- great as well. the space is very smartly designed and the staff is super friendly. highly recommended.

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                  Thanks! I'll check it out. Can you tell me anything about the wine list/corkage policy?

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                    No liquor license, so I think it's free corkage.

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                      Finally, someone tried it! I was wondering why it was so low-profile. Looking forward to going -- btw, whoever said parking is a problem, there's always parking at Gelson's or up the street, across from the gym. Park & take a nice stroll -- it's Silverlake!

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                        I would not recommend parking at Gelson's without going to Gelson's. They patrol.

                2. I went there a few weeks ago. Very mixed results. First the owner who is the chef is very inflexible. We asked for some changes to one of the dishes and they said they would not do this and claimed they were too busy. Second they charge about $4.00 for fresh pasta which is a bit of a nickel and dime. The tapanade was good, the squid ink pasta was very good and the veal was excellent. I am disappointed with the inflexability of the chef and the service was mediocre at best. If you want good food and good service go to Cafe Beaujolais (too bad they do not have an italian version)

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                    We ended up here last night on a whim. Got the comped okra shrimp soup, really rich and delightful. There is definitely NO corkage fee, which is cool. They also carry all the cane sugar sodas in bottles, both Coke and Pepsi and a few others.

                    My only complaint would be that I paid $19 for lamb chops. I got 5 small chops, no garnish, no vegetables (they are $3.00 a la carte.) The chops were good, but overcooked, I like them rare to medium rare and these were barely pink in the middle.

                    In general, though, I loved sitting outside (until the smokers started up. Just because it's outside doesn't mean that the smoke doesn't bother me.) and I loved the rest of the meal. Great drip coffee too.

                  2. great food! everything we've tried was perfectly cooked and excellent.
                    very nice atmosphere! it's like being at someone's living room with great cook.