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Mar 14, 2007 10:38 AM

Newport, RI Restaurants & Nightlife

The hubby is going to be in Newport, RI next week on business for about 3 days. His days will be spent in meetings/conferences, however he will have one or two nights on his own for dinner or at least drinks. Any recommendations for good places? Nothing too fancy, he loves seafood, loves live music (alternative, rock, etc.), loves a good cold draft beer, that sort of thing.

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  1. Pour Judgement on Broadway is a pub with great food and a sociable atmosphere. Cafe Zelda is on lower Thames Street and is a pub/restaurant. I have always been pleased with the food there. The Pelham is a good place for live music, so I'm told!

    1. Give the New England board a search for "Newport" and you'll find lots of posts on this subject. Have fun! We're having some unseasonably warm weather.

      1. The Red Parrot on Thames is always friendly. Try Coddington Brew Pub for micro-brewed beer. Newport Blues has live music. Head up to Bristol and stop at Aidan's for a great Irish pub.

        1. I suggest he pick up a copy of the free weekly "Newport This Week" which can be found at the entrance way of most stores/clubs, etc. It has listings for all the live music, goings-ons. Also will have restaurant ads with their specials usually. He would have fun wandering around Thames Street and the Wharves (Bowens, Bannisters) - there's enough restaurants/bars that run the gamet from beers and raw bar, to fine dining. At this time of year, and mid-week, he should just walk around and pick what looks good. Newport is a lot of fun and I think especially before tourist season starts. The locals are friendly and fun too.