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Mar 14, 2007 10:34 AM

Golden Bird vs. Popeye's vs. Church's?

I just noticed a Golden Bird right off Crenshaw near Stocker; I have seen Church's on La Brea and Popeye's abound. I don't eat much fried chicken but every now and then I like to indulge myself. Which is the best of these 3 and why?


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  1. I haven tried Golden Bird, but Popeye's red reans and rice is made with magic beans.

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    1. re: B Minus

      Not mention the biscuits, which are layed by the golden goose of deliciousness.

    2. I've never tried Golden Bird. Church's is GROSS. I like Popeye's even though I feel like an oil bucket afterwards.

      1. I've never had Church's, haven't eaten Popeye's for a long time, but Golden Bird is the best fried chicken I've ever eaten. When I used to live in that area I would go there all the time.. I haven't been to the one you mentioned for years and years, but they have licensed their receipe to Porky's in Inglewood and I've eaten there several times recently. The chicken is still as good as it ever was. Crunchy, tasty batter and really moist and tender chicken meat - even the breast. I hope the one in the Crenshaw area is still the same. Oh, and none of those wimpy little KFC or El Pollo Loco-sized pieces, these are nice, big pieces of chicken. They give you a full breast, not one of those half-sized things that the other places refer to as a chicken breast.

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          Def agree with Monkuboy - Golden Bird is sooo good! My piano teacher when I was a child used to live by one so on Saturday's after a LONG 5 hours of me and my Chinese sistren all had our lessons, my Mom would let us go get GB! yey! We used to chant "GOLD-EN BIRD! GOLD-EN BIRD!!" in the car on the way home ('cause you NEVER eat there). I've found in my adulthood, however, that I can only eat there 1-2x/year because it's suuuper fatty! Also, don't try to get the sides, IMO they are NOT good... stick with the chicken! Resist the urge to get sides or anything other than the chicken.

          1. re: YumYumDeb

            Golden Bird's chicken is still the bomb after all these years. My mother just went there 3/27/07 and they now offer sweet potatoe fries with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on them. I personally thought they were a little soggy but maybe thats because it was a 15 min drive home after buying them. In any case, the chicken is still great. I have never been a fan of Churches, there is one located on the corner of Jefferson and Western next to The House of Dimes (taco spot open since early 1960's at minimum) I don't care for Churches because on two separate occasions I bit into uncooked chicken which sqirted out red juice! My rating is as follows: 1) Golden Bird 2) Popeye's 3) Churches

        2. anybody ever try louisiana fried chicken? mainly seen in the south l.a. area.

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          1. re: phant0omx

            we've got a few in long beach, but haven't tried it yet. Also, odd because the newest location is with a chinese restaruant on redondo and anaheim

          2. I've never had Golden Bird, but of Church's, KFC, Popeye's, my money is on Popeye's. Church's really is gross to me and I've never understood why some people really like it. For me, if I'm craving fast fried chicken, it's Popeye's and their biscuits. I am curious about the Louisiana fried chicken that phan0omx brought up though.