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Mar 14, 2007 10:31 AM

Best calamari?

I love great, fried your experiences, where has the best been for you? Unusually so, I really like Ranalli's on Clark! I hated it at Hugo's though.

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  1. The absolute best calamari I have ever had in my life was *grilled* calamari, perfectly cooked and absolutely tender and moist, at

    Bella Bacino of LaGrange
    36 S. La Grange Rd.
    La Grange IL 60525
    (708) 352-8882

    It's Bacin's (Bacino's) upscale Italian restaurant (not just pizza) and it's worth the drive out there from the city. All the food is excellent but especially the wonderful calamari.

    1. This may sound kind of lame b/c they are a chain, but Maggiano's dishes up some great fried calamari.

      1. Pheonix in chinatown has exceptional calamari at dinner, not on their dim sum lunch menu though. It has a well balanced batter and the calamari was cut to an ideal thickness and fried at the proper temperature to not be greasy, so good!

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          I absolutely agree! I would order Phoenix's calamari every time I'm in Chinatown, if I could. They give you a large serving (for an appetizer) and season the dish beautifully, with just enough pepper to make it interesting. It was crunchy and light on the grease as well.

        2. Every time I've had the fried calamari at McCormick & Scmick's it's been perfectly cooked (not a chewy bite in the whole dish) and they serve it with three different sauces, all are really good. There's a traditional cocktail sauce, a modified tartar sauce, and some kind of mayo which was the best of the three, but the flavoring escapes me.

          1. Thanks so much, I will be sure to try them, may even convince my fiance to head out to the burbs! Thanks for the recommendations!