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Mar 14, 2007 10:30 AM

b-day dinner in weho, fairfax area, hollywood, miracle mile

I am looking for a great place to have my birthday dinner - I LOVE PATIOS. I don't eat pasta and love steak, veggies. I live in west hollywood area and am looking at beverly hills to hollywood. any suggestions?

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  1. The patio at Spago?

    A good place at the faifax farmer's market (sort of one big patio)?

    I wish I knew the area better.

    Now Santa Monica, a lot of good patios there!

    1. if you're willing to trek all the way out to santa monica, then Michael's has the best patio/garden ever.

      in terms of restaurants in your area, i think that grace would be a lovely choice (although i don't think they have a patio)

      1. I just recommended Orso in West Hollywood on another thread as one of the top patio destinations in LA. Their menu has a rib eye steak on it and some other carniverous choices as well.

        1. Pasta y Vino on Beverly has a nice patio. It's Italian but its not all pasta despite its name.

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            I think you are talking about "Pane e Vino." I agree their patio is very nice, and I love the food and service there. There is also a nice bar (inside) for people to get a good glass of wine before or after dinner.

            These are expensive, but I have to mention the beautiful patios at both the Hotel Bel Air and at the Polo Lounge (Beverly Hills Hotel). The Hotel Bel Air in particular is a gorgeous property overall, and has free valet parking :) You can definitely get your meat and veggies at either place.

          2. Pane e Vino on Beverly - nice steaks as I recall.