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b-day dinner in weho, fairfax area, hollywood, miracle mile

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I am looking for a great place to have my birthday dinner - I LOVE PATIOS. I don't eat pasta and love steak, veggies. I live in west hollywood area and am looking at beverly hills to hollywood. any suggestions?

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  1. The patio at Spago?

    A good place at the faifax farmer's market (sort of one big patio)?

    I wish I knew the area better.

    Now Santa Monica, a lot of good patios there!

    1. if you're willing to trek all the way out to santa monica, then Michael's has the best patio/garden ever.

      in terms of restaurants in your area, i think that grace would be a lovely choice (although i don't think they have a patio)

      1. I just recommended Orso in West Hollywood on another thread as one of the top patio destinations in LA. Their menu has a rib eye steak on it and some other carniverous choices as well.


        1. Pasta y Vino on Beverly has a nice patio. It's Italian but its not all pasta despite its name.

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            I think you are talking about "Pane e Vino." I agree their patio is very nice, and I love the food and service there. There is also a nice bar (inside) for people to get a good glass of wine before or after dinner.

            These are expensive, but I have to mention the beautiful patios at both the Hotel Bel Air and at the Polo Lounge (Beverly Hills Hotel). The Hotel Bel Air in particular is a gorgeous property overall, and has free valet parking :) You can definitely get your meat and veggies at either place.

          2. Pane e Vino on Beverly - nice steaks as I recall.

            1. yeah i love Orso...and doing that for one of my b-day dinners and need another location for another group. I love sitting outside :-)

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                Probably the number one patio in Los Angeles is Cliff's Edge on Sunset Blvd. in Silverlake. A bit outside your desired area it would be worth the extra drive time if you are as big a patio fanatic as it appears. (g) They do have a filet normally with gorgonzola and they also do a rib eye steak. Probably best to check with them if you need to know exactly what their mains will be when you want to go.

                3626 Sunset Blvd (Cross Street: Edgecliffe Drive)
                Los Angeles, CA 90026
                (323) 666-6116

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                  Also in Silverlake and highly under-rated is Rudolpho's. They completely renovated last year and are now sort of an American bar & grill. They have a beautiful patio with lots of plants and a fountain. They also have a big, wooden bar and three plasma TVs in the bar area. And they have some nice steaks and seafood at better prices than most places in Hollywood. Free parking!

              2. did Pane e vino two years ago...loved it! might try something different though...and love Bel Air but think my friends might not love the prices...

                1. How about Il Cielo? It is Italian, but I got great lamb chops there once. Beautiful patio, though small.

                  1. AOC has a delightful tiny patio upstairs, but it is difficult to get, and if you request it, they say they can't promise. I've only had it once out of 4 times.

                    1. Chateau Marmont -- the patio takes pleasant to a whole new level (so pretty and very chill); plus, the food is pretty solid.

                      Happy Birthday!


                      1. Lucques and Little Door have nice patios--though I greatly prefer the food at Lucques.

                        1. The patio upstairs at AOC is okay; I prefer the one at Lucques and I *definitely* prefer the patio at Michael's in Santa Monica.