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Mar 14, 2007 10:23 AM

Angara Indian Restaurant - Torrance ??

Hmmm...I seem to be on a buffet craze recently...

Has anybody tried Angara Indian Restaurant in Torrance? They have a sign hanging that says that their lunch buffet is $7.95. Not sure if I should try it or not, so some friendly tips of advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Angara Indian Restaurant
2170 Torrance Blvd
(between Crenshaw & Western; about 3 blocks east of the railroad tracks)
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 320-9090

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  1. Hi! Yes, I have tried Angara!

    The chef and owner has some great dishes!

    His sauces are wonderful (the best I have had) such as butter chicken, tikka marsala, korma, vindaloo, and green cocconut curry - great! My husband really likes his beef tikka marsala and saffron rice.

    My friend really likes his ginger stir fry and lamb. She also really likes his biryani rice - one of the best she has had. She has also had his lamb and nan really liked it and likes
    the nan.

    He has a fritter that is quite tasty and his mulligatawny soup is great.

    His saag and kofta are wonderful too.

    I have not had his lunch buffet because I drop by in the evening. I have not tried everything on the menu but I am sure some of the above dishes should be part of the lunch special.

    Angara has not been open too long and I do not feel people know about this great

    I have tried several Indian restaurants such as Addi's Tandoori on Torrance Boulevard
    and feel Angara is much better which is why I keep returning!

    The owner and chef is very friendly and concerned.

    I am curious to see how you like it!

    Robin Collett

    1. I know this original posting is outdated, but thought I'd respond anyway since I had a very good experience at Angara in Torrance tonight.

      The service wasn't "hop to it" speedy, which was definitely to my liking. I typically dine alone, bringing a good book with me, so for the waiters to leave me pretty much alone and not rush me out of there was very pleasant.

      The disadvantage I find, when dining alone at an Indian restaurant, is that it can become rather pricey for dinner, as everything is a la carte. I like to try a little of this and a little of that, so by the time I order soup, my entree, a side of saffron rice and naan (gotta have naan!) my wallet starts to feel the pinch. But at Angara, you can order your entree as a "Dinner" for an additional $4. This includes soup or salad, rice, and Indian tea or coffee. I thought this was a bargain - so much so that I did indulge and order the Onion and Cilantro naan (great!).

      The owner was, as the other posting pointed out, concerned and made sure to explain how their $7.95 lunch buffet is the way to go. He said that there are at least four chicken selections and two lamb selections each day, allowing the diner who may be unfamiliar with Indian cuisine to try out different dishes and sauces. He also pointed out that many dessert selections are offered during the buffet. They also have a champagne brunch (also buffet) on Sundays from 11:00-3:00 for the mere price of $9.95.

      I highly recommend Angara and am rearranging my calendar so that I can indulge in their Sunday brunch this coming weekend.


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      1. re: lisa o

        i also have had some good meals at this place recently so thought i'd throw in my 2 cents as well. I've only had the chicken dishes so cant vouch for anything else, but the portions are ample, the meat is good quality and perfectly cooked, and the sauces are delicious. i like the chicken tikka and the green coconut curry the best. not an expert in indian food so i wouldn't know if they were missing some layer or nuance of spices, but simply put the food tastes good. the service is friendly and the pace relaxed, they said everything is cooked to order, nothing kept warm on a hot table.

        this is my new go to indian place in the south bay... compared to the rest of the crowd i like this one the best.
        addi's tandoor - food is good but i don't think it's a good value, plus something about the atmosphere (a little uppity? too many tables crowded into a small space?) makes dining there a little less relaxed than I like
        kebab curry - nothing special about the food, middle of the road buffet quality indian, plus a waiter amended my tip to a higher amount the last time i was there so haven't been back...
        the place on aviation/prospect - this has been several different indian restaurants over the years and i've never had a memorable meal there, not sure if i've tried it in it's latest incarnation so correct me if i'm wrong and should give it another try...

      2. Our office orders lunch at Angara every couple of weeks and we've never had a reason to complain. We pick up because they sometimes do not have a driver. Our office always orders something different and everything has been great so far. Their lunch buffet is ALWAYS crowded. A good sign, I suppose. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in.

        1. I've been to Angara three times (twice for the buffet). The food gets worse each time, I swear. This past week, I went there for lunch and the food was below mediocre. The fritters were undecipherable, and the chicken was extremely dry. There was the usual 3 or so standard Americanized Indian fare. Curiously, there wasn't even a curry chicken dish in sight at my last outing. The rice pudding was terrible, as the rice was undercooked.

          There are far better places to visit if you want decent Indian food. Angara is not it.

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          1. re: Pamela

            If there are better than Angara, can u please tell us which? Thank you!! I am wondering how current however this chowhound is? I have been to most of the Indian places, but they always seem to be good one time and sometimes barely ok the next...why is consistency so difficult? I have not been to Addi's or Angara. But have been to Kabab and India Tandoori Grill (Formerly Islamic Beijing and Shah Tandoori) Also Went to Red Fort on Sepulveda/Palos Verdes Blvd. again was great the first time and so so the second time, and they are very pricey...
            Any new visits we can bounce of each other to any places? It has been MONTHS since my last indian meal which used to be weekly...Thanks all!

            1. re: dawgNkittie


              Addi's Tandoor (Redondo Beach) is very good. More of an upscale Indian establishment.

              A place that I recently discovered, but which apparently has been at the same site for 20 years (!) is India Sweets & Grocery, at 3920 Sepulveda Blvd, in Torrance. It is just after Hawthorne Blvd if you are driving on Sepulveda. The store is in a little strip mall, next to a gas station.

              Not only is it a grocery store that carries various South Asian goods, but in the back of the store you have a bakery and hot food (vegetarian). You can eat in or take out, and the lunch special is really cheap--I think $3.50 or $4.00. You get rice, some type of bread, and two sides. You can pay with credit card if you purchase over $10.

              I've been there 3 times already--and this is recent--and the food is decent.

              Another decent Indian establishment is in Irvine (of all places) called the India Cook House. I have been there at least three times too, and each time the food is very good. This is a buffet style Indian establishment that serves your usual Indian fare (spinach paneer, curries, tandoori, etc., plus fresh fruit and vegetables).

              1. re: Pamela

                Gotch you on the India Sweets in Torrance. Their saag paneer is my comfort food and I wish they would sell their tamarind and cilantro chutnies separate.Whatever you put them on is suddenly lovely. Very nice people and a real value, plus a good selection of dried goods groceries and occasionally some good finds in the itty bitty produce section.

                1. re: torty

                  I have had Indian food all over England and here Southern California. Whereas we used to like Addi's Tandoori in RB, it became mediocre and the place is too small. We started cooking our own Indian meals until we went to Angara. Emerick is a fantastic chef with years of experience in the business. It is truly gourmet Indian food. We have never had a bad meal there. Emerick surprises us whenver we go in which is regularly. The food is so sumptuous; I want to eat more even though I'm full! His curried mussels are to die for! Onion bahjis are not greasy and are light enough that they would be a great snack at night in front of the TV. Lamb melts in your mouth. His chicken tikka masala is tender and flavorful even when you order it hot. Lamb vindaloo, per my husband, is stunning. We have toured his kitchen and it is immaculate; he even gave us a cooking lesson. HIs son, Ranjeet, is just as amiable and also a good cook. Our 11 year old son adores the food so much that when he wanted a party at home, he asked that we cater from Angara. Try this place for dinner -- you will not regret it.

          2. The original comment has been removed