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Jul 23, 2005 07:48 PM

Goat Hill Pizza?

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I've heard a few co-workers rave about this place, mainly for their all-you-can-eat pizza deal on Mondays (?). Any thoughts about this place? I don't live in SF, but would this be a place worth checking out? BTW, I am partial to crispy, thin-crusts. Thanks.

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  1. the crust is okay. It's not the napolitan cripsy crust, it's a bit thicker. It's made with sourdough. Monday night is packed there. It's a great deal, all you can eat pizza + a small salad bar. Expect to wait. It's what I would describe as dim sum style: waiters carry trays of pizza around with different toppings and ask you if you want any.

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      Goat Hill Pizza is decent, made from sourdough so it has a bready quality to it with some tang. Neapolitan pizza is NOT thin and crispy. That is a common misconception in the Bay Area. According to the Neapolitan Pizza rules it must be "cooked in a wood-fired oven and the final product must be soft, elastic and easy to fold in two." "The Neapolitan pizza is characterised by its raised, golden crust, with charred bubbles, soft to the touch and to the lips with the red of the tomato visible through the white spots of the mozzarella"

      Here is another link:

      Only Picco and A16 are doing pizza by these rules and are the only pizzas in the Bay Area that can call themselves Neapolitan. Other pizzas may be delicious and great, but they are not Neapolitan....It is like confusing Texas beef rib bbq with carolina mustard bbq.

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        Robert Lauriston

        FWIW, the Palo Alto branch of Cafe Neibaum-Coppola (but not the SF branch) is certified as "Vera Pizza Napoletana."

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      Robert Lauriston

      Monday nights are a lot of fun. The pizza's not good enough that I'd go there any other time.

      I heard that some other pizzeria copied that event but I can't recall which one.

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        georgio's on clement st does the monday night all-you-can-eat in the winter. They do enough business in the summer so that don't do it.

      2. A friend of mine rode past my office building at First & Howard last night and says Goat Hill Pizza has opened in the Club NV space across the street. I just looked out the window and saw no sign or anything indicating this. He said people were coming in and out of the place...anyone have any information? The Inside Scoop (sfgate) mentioned last week that a location was opening at Third & Harrison I I am quite confused.

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            Correction in today's paper: The address of the new location of Goat Hill Pizza is 525 Howard St., San Francisco.

            1. re: almondjoy66

              That would be the address. Where did you see the correction?

          2. re: Frosty Melon

            Seems to be a buffet option at this new space, if the sign they set outside is any indication (I walk by here going back home almost every day.) Lunch is a set price, dinner is at a slightly higher set price.

            Not sure if a la carte options are available, though.

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              Ok, I got some info from co-workers. There are three locations now, the original Potrero, 3rd & Harrison and now 1st & Howard. At 1st & Howard you can get pizza & salads only; but if you get delivery, you can order off the whole menu as it will come from 3rd & Harrison.

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                Thanks for looking into that Frosty. I glanced closer at the sign at the 1st & Howard location as I walked by this afternoon - $9.95 for lunch, $12.95 for dinner (does anyone know if this price would include beverages?)

          3. Frosty Melon'
            Can you research for the rest of us before we drive all the way to town? Pls Get the address, ph num & do a mini-write up with cost, taste, options etc.
            Sure sounds like a trip on Monday evenings....

            1. Mondays are definately worth it. Very casual and homey place. Not sure a special trip is worth it unless you plan on eating a lot and don't expect the moon. Not killer but decent...definately not a chain. If you have teenagers and live close by...I'd think it'd be a weekly thing.