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Strip House, Sparks or BLT Prime

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I want a top of the line, juicy, impeccably prepared rare piece of beef. Rib eye preferred. Which of these three choices will deliver...with a fun yet maybe slightly romantic atmosphere? Thanks!

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  1. Of those choices, Strip house is the only one that could be considered slightly romantic

    1. Strip House, no contest.

      1. It also has a great ribeye so you are all set. Get some creamed spinach too...

        1. Get the bone in Rib Eye at S&W grill and you will be in heaven

          1. I had lunch at BLT Steak yesterday and i loved it.

            1. strip house. I've never been disappointed on the number of times i've been and went there to celebrate vday (not on vday) - found it perfect. BLT steak, been once and was underwhelmed on the meat and dont plan on revisiting.

              1. Strip House is very good but the tables are VERY close together - it runs like a machine and the bar area is too dark. I think BLT steak was fantastic!

                1. BLT Prime is my go-to place now for special occasions. Been there 3 times and gets better everytime. The other ones are all great and expensive too, though.