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Lunch IN LAX?

I have one of those annoying layovers tomorrow where there is enough time to sit down and have a nice lunch, but not enough time to leave security and the airport. Is there any hope? I'll be on American, if it matters. And I have a lousy cold, so bonus points for decent soup......

(Can you tell I'm totally NOT thrilled about this airplane trip tomorrow??)

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  1. Go to LAX's website: http://www.lawa.org/lax/food.cfm I don't know what terminal American is, but when I've flown Alaska there's never been anything interesting. Starbucks and Burger King is what I remember. I hate LAX airport. No sit down restaurants or anything! :(

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      American is Terminal 4. Looks like Burger King, Chili'sTwo and Starbucks....

    2. There is a sit down restaurant called "Encounter" in that space-agey looking building at the center of the airport. Not sure about the food, but the view is suppopsed to be great

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        Encounter is closed until further notice ... it's literally falling apart ....


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          Encounter is not inside security, so that doesn't meet OP's requirements. It is also closed for at least 3 months due to structural issues (you can see the large missing panel just driving by).

          As far as useful advice, I remember a psuedo-French bakery place in the American terminal. Unfortunately, whatever I had there left a bad impression on me, but I only had one thing and it was at least a year ago. LAX is simply not a culinary destination...

        2. There are alot of things wrong with LAX, one of which is the food/dining options.

          I think part of the reason for the lack of good dining choices are the club lounges offered by major carriers like Delta, American, JAL, etc. They usually take away the clientele for any type sit-down food options open to the general public.

          1. Which terminal? I follow the lead of the airline flight attendants.

            Terminal 1 (SW/US Airways)
            - The mexican restaurant is the way to go. Breakfast is the best.
            - The deli there is just OK.
            - Food court in the front has the usual California Pizza Kitchen, Starbucks, etc. In the back ... McDonald's.

            Terminal 6 (United) -
            (In main area of gates)
            - Wolfgang Puck's - Order at the counter, and a lot of places to sit.
            - Gordon Biersch - Further down the concourse
            (Commuter Terminal section)
            - Redondo Beach Brewing Company - and great micro brew
            - Tony Moroni's Sausages
            - Then Starbuck's, etc.

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              It may not do Janet much good, since she is Terminal 4 (American), where long security lines make going to another terminal impractical, but fwiw there is also a Gordon Biersch in the Southwest Terminal.

              I am not enamored of the mexican place in Terminal 1, but then, there aren't that many alternatives.

            2. There's not much to eat in American's Terminal 4, but in Terminal 6 Jodi Maroni's used to serve a tasty tequila-chicken sausage with grilled peppers.

              1. I was just in LA under some serious time constraints and I was afraid I wouldn't have time to eat during my trip, not wanting to do business with a growling stomach I picked up a salad from Wolfgang Puck's on my way out of LAX. It was perfectly serviceable. I was on United.

                On my way back to NYC, beyond security, there was a sourdough bread place, don't remember the name. They had soups, and the bread was nice and crusty, good for airport food.

                1. the bakery type place closer to security has a really good turkey brie green apple panini with apricot chutney. i look forward to buying this for the plane (i always get it cold), along with a chocolate chip cookie. i think rather than opting for chili's i would just get this and find a seat somewhere, maybe i'd pair it with a coffee and sit at starbucks.

                  1. Well, of course my flight was delayed (due to air traffic; we ended up doing 360s over the Owens Valley for a LONG time before they would let us even come near LA....)...so all I time for was a bowl of soup to go from Chilis to go. It was about what would be expected.

                    At least Dickey's in DFW (which has been very hit-or-miss for me) was on their game this trip. Tender non-fatty meat in the beef sandwhich and good cole slaw.

                    1. If you want to crash (sorry, but I couldn't think of another word for it! >_< ) from too large a sugar intake, you could always get something from a Cinnabon or Haagen-Dasz location.