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Mar 14, 2007 10:11 AM

Favorite Portland Grub?

going to Portland for the weekend and wondering if folks can recommend good street food/informal places such as burritos or schwarma joints. Not looking for anything fancy on this trip. Also, have a favorite breakfast joint close to the Jupiter hotel, possibly with good bloody's?

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  1. cha! cha! cha! cheap mexican food.

    I found this blog a little while ago I like what he wrote up on some food carts in pdx.

    1. Not super close to the Jupiter, but not really that far away either, is Genie's on the corner of SE Division and 11th. They have very good breakfasts (best potatoes in town, IMO) and a full bar. My favorite weekday breakfast in town.

      Closer still, but alas, no alcohol, is J&M Cafe on the corner of SE 5th and Ash. Good breakfast food.

      On Sundays only, Simpatica (close by at SE 9th and Ash) is the best breakfast in town. There can be a wait, but it is worth it. They do serve bloody marys and a few other drinks, but they don't have a full bar.

      Even closer, down Burnside from the Jupiter is Le Pigeon. They do a Sat. brunch (and Sunday, I think) and they have a couple of drinks to offer at breakfast...but I am not sure whether a bloody mary is one of them.

      Closest would be the Doug Fir, which is actually part of the Jupiter Hotel property. I don't think their food is all that great, but you won't have to go far for it! And they have a full bar.

      There is lots of good middle eastern food in Portland. My favorite is Karam, downtown But Nicholas is fairly close to your hotel (walking distance) and it is a popular place.

      There are lots of food carts downtown (biggest "pod" is at SW 5th and Oak) and lots of Taco/Mexican carts all over town. Audrey has a great site with a map to guide you here:

      This visitor has great cart pictures:

      On PFG there's a Taco/Mexican cart thread with lots of info:

      A street food place (Pok Pok) that now also has a sit-down restaurant next door (Whiskey Soda Lounge) is a favorite here: It's not really close, but it isn't that far either and it should be on your list, especially if you like Thai street food.

      Great pizza can be had at Apizza Scholls on SE Hawthorne near 47th:

      1. There's some decent informal burrito places on Alberta Street (and if you like the Jupiter Hotel, you'll probably like Alberta): La Bonita at NE 29th and Don Pancho at NE 20th.

        1. A great a hole in the wall, that is now becoming popular is Nicholas Restaurant. It is an awesome Lebanese & Middle Eastern Cuisine. Great food, and atmosphere. Check out their website:

          1. I stayed at the Jupiter a few weeks ago, and we had our breakfast at the Doug fir, right in the hotel, and it was perfect. Fabulous little breakfast sandwich and fruit cup for me, BF had some french dip. The bloody mary was quite good, not out of this world, but sure was nice to roll out of bed and into there--

            We also had drinks there the night before. pretty good