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Mar 14, 2007 10:03 AM

Cuban Sandwich?

Who has a good cuban sandwich in the area. There used to be a place in Naperville (Copa Cubana) that had a great one but they have since closed.

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  1. La Unica has the best in the city
    1515 W Devon Ave
    (773) 274-7788

    Cafe Marianano comes in a somewhat distant second
    2246 N Milwaukee Ave
    (773) 278-4533

    1. I am no cuban sandwich expert, but I know what tastes good, and I have enjoyed a sandwich cubano many times at Habana Libre around 1350 W Chicago. Their appetizer sampler is delicious and cheap also, but not very healthy.

      1. I have enjoyed Cuban sandwiches at Cafe LaGuardia and at Cafe Bolero. I have no idea if they are terribly authentic or not.

        Cafe Laguardia
        2111 W. Armitage Ave.

        Cafe Bolero
        2252 N. Western Ave.

        1. I haven't been to Cuba, but the sandwiches at Cafe Bolero are similar to what you'd get at one of the better Cuban places in Miami.

          1. I HAVE been to Cuba, in the pre-Castrio mid-1950's. THE place in Havana for lunch was Sloppy Joe's bar/deli, and the sandwich was not the "Cuban" toasted sandwich but Joe's "Especial" which was many, many layers of ham, cold cuts, cheese, pickles, and onion on slices of the wonderful Cuban bread with mayo and mustard. That with a couple of bottles of Hatuey beer, and you were set for the rest of a wonderful, tropical afternoon.

            Havana was a great liberty port- you could raise a lot more hell, for less money, than anyplace I visited during my hitch in the Navy.