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Mar 14, 2007 10:01 AM

A Good Sedona, AZ entree for about $10?

I will be driving through Sedona in a couple of weeks at around dinnertime. I imagine I have a lower income than most Sedona visitors, but I enjoy good food. When I eat out, I usually order an entree for around $10 and maybe a drink for abotu $3 (or maybe just water). That's usually it. I like views and atmosphere, but I am reluctant to pay higher prices for them. I prefer hiking and scenic drives for collecting views. At Ringo's repeated behest, I have tried to review a significant amount of the board for a restaurant that fits my desires, but I still need some input. Some of the posts are quite old (when did we lose the ability to sort posts by date?). I like all cuisines, when done well. Here are the places that popped up that sounded like they might fill the $10 bill (am I wrong on any of them?):

Javelina Cantina
(nice mexican with the most affordable (dining wise) and fabulous views of the red rocks. Also for Mex: Casa Rincon, Oaxaca)
The Coffee Pot
(100 omeletes to choose from. Fantastic Belgium waffles, pancakes, etc)
Heartland Café
(Not a bad place for lunch. In the Fall, the courtyard is really nice)
Shugrue's Hillside Grill
(on highway 179, a short distance from "the Y." next to Javelina)
Thai Spice
Pizza Picazzo
(good pizza in a very upscale setting)
Ken's Creekside
(dishes priced $8-17 & the portions are generous)

My question is: For those who have been to several of these places (or similar others that I should know about) Should any of them rise to the top of my list on the basis of food quality?

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  1. Nico, having enjoyed Sedona's red rocks many times, I can comment on a few of your possibilities. Unfortunately, Sedona is generally not a cheap place to eat.

    I love Shugrue's Grill, especially their patio but dinner entrees are in the $25-30 range.

    My wife likes Rene's at Tlaquepaque, French cuisine in the $20 range, but a glass of wine is at least $8-10.

    Casa Rincon is also at Tlaquepaque, it has pretty good food and generally Mexican food is cheaper.

    We have also dined at the Cowboy Club, a mid-priced steakhouse with some unique dishes, like Cactus Fries (not bad) and a Buffalo Filet (pretty good). I can't remember prices though...sorry.

    I have taken some beautiful pictures while hiking in Sedona, hope you have a good trip.

    1. it's actually the heartline cafe, and it's absolutely fabulous. i haven't tried the others so i can't say it's better, but i definitely recommend it! i believe lunch is pretty reasonable priced.

      1. I think your best bet is Ti Gavo, which is the bar-restaurant at Enchantment Resort at Boynton Canyon. Wonderful views, pretty good food, reasonable prices. Plus Boynton Canyon is one of my favorite hikes. IB they're open all day; very popular for lunch.

        I'd avoid Javelina & Ken's. Picazzo's is popular & does have good views. My wife likes their food; I think it's just OK. Heartline is usually good, but well over your budget & no views. Best food on your list, on a good day -- consistency has been a problem lately.

        Good luck!
        Pete Tillman

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        1. re: Tillman

          So amdist a host of recommendations (thank you to everyone so far), the three that fit the $10 entree, recommended food bill are:
          Ti Gavo at the Enchantment Resort at Boynton Canyon
          and Casa Rincon
          Is that correct? (I will be there at dinnertime, but I'll look to order a lunch-type meal) Do these three all fill the bill (even if its a stretch)? Are there any others that should be ion my list?

          1. re: nico_suave

            i don't think heartline is over your budget at lunchtime... dinner maybe. the food is really good there, but i would agree that there aren't a lot of views.

        2. I would recommend Pagos in the Village of Oak Creek. I spend a lot of time in Sedona, and this is a never miss on each of my trips.

          If you do come across some spare cash, I would highly recommend Savanahs Steak House. I would go without food for two days to be able to dine here for one evening.

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          1. re: pstempe22

            Pagos doesn't ring a bell --can you tell us a bit about it?

            Keep meaning to try Savannah's...

            Cheers -- Pete Tillman

            1. re: Tillman

              Pagos is a little rectangular building in the Village of Oak Creek on the way into Sedona. They have great pizza (which we usually take back to the resort), but have really nice pasta dishes bursting with flavor. It appears to be a family owned and operated place where there is plenty of care that goes into your enjoyment of the experience. It is not too fancy inside, but is well worth a visit for the food and friendliness.

          2. IF you don't HAVE to have a view, and you just want a decently priced meal...check out
            The Red Planet diner.


            It's about a mile past airport road, and it has a bit of Greek flair in the selection.

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            1. re: VictorLouis

              Eh. We quit going after a couple of mediocre to poor meals, and haven't been in probably a year. Have you tried them recently?

              Food was never better than "pretty good", imo, but decent prices and good service (plus easy parking) were all pluses.

              Cheers -- Pete Tillman