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Mar 14, 2007 09:52 AM

Dinner for 30 High School Students?


I will be bringing a group of 30 high school students to Boston in a few weeks. We would like to take the group out for a "nice" dinner for our last night? Suggestions? Here are the parameters . . .

We will be staying nearish Copley Square and would like to be able to walk or T it to the restaurant. Some sort of family style option would be nice -- but not necessary. We have carnivores, vegetarians, and a vegan. We can spend up to $25 per person. We would really like to not be limited to chains.


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  1. I think in that area, although it's a chain, Maggiano's would be your best bet, and good for that age group. A friend took 10 teenage boys there for a birthday party and they loved it.

      1. re: ginnyhw

        I really like the idea of going somewhere in Chinatown - e.g., Peach Farm. It shows a different side of Boston and will possibly open up the students to different cultural experiences to boot. The food at these places is excellent and of course you can order some safe things - besides this simplifies sharing and plating.It also fits in your budget. I don't think some of the other places recommended here (e.g., Eastern Standard) can easily be done with $25 pp even without alcohol, once you include a tip.

        1. re: Sgt Snackers

          Eastern Standard, w/ 30 kids, would cost you a fortune. Though you should check it out on your own- it has great food!

          1. re: foodforthought.m

            If you got burgers or the mussels/frites and a soda, you could get out of Eastern Standard for $20 pp.

      2. My first thought was also Maggiano's or perhaps Vinny T's on Boyltson. I believe they both do family style, food is good/decent, it's within your price range and they are used to dealing with groups. Good luck!

        1. If you have the time- and 3 weeks is plenty of notice- you can arrange a party w/ a restaurant's event planner-explore several options for food- from heavy apps to sit down family style (and don't let them force you into a beverage package- it's a waste of $$ and unnecessary w/ your age group.)

          Perks often include private to semi private space-. Also, because you typically will have a contract that includes tax and grat, you will know ALL of your costs ahead of time with no surprises.

          Most restaurants won't allow resi's for 30 w/o some form of agreement- and that includes your cc info.

          Good luck!

          1. Eastern Standard might fit the "nice" bill and it's a unique spot. Would be my first choice, might be more on the 30/35 dollar level. They may push you towards an early sitting.

            Only consider it if you're arriving before April 10th. Can you imagine herding thirty teenagers in Kenmore during a game?