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Mar 14, 2007 09:44 AM

Manteca Eats?

Is there anywhere to eat in the "greater" Manteca area?

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  1. I'm interested in lunch and dinner recs for Greater Manteca too, and particularly Lathrop.

    What's the chowhound word on these spots?

    La Bamba
    Don Luis
    Country Kitchen
    Yan Yan Deli

    Mangy Moose
    Uncle Frank's Grill
    La Morenita
    Taqueria Apatzingan
    Hob Nob Hot Dogs
    Parminder Kaur
    Las Puereas
    Kelley Brothers/Brickyard Oven
    El Jardin
    Kabob House

    Other ideas welcome!

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      The best restaurant in Manteca is Isadores. Soon after being seated, you are served a cheese fondue with bread. All of the food is excellent. They have a wide selection of scrumptious desserts as well. Entrees include fondue and soup or salad. Prices for dinner range from $20-35.

      Another good restaurant in Manteca is DeVega Brothers. This Italian restaurant is small, charming and has great food. I love the Chicken Pasta. They have a big selection and always feature 3-4 specials. Prices range from $14-$25.


      1. re: howefortunate

        Thank you, anyone have any feedback on the list?

        I appreciate your taking the time to provide those recs, but checking their websites, neither of them holds much appeal for me, but I'm sure the information will be helpful to someone else.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Having been a recent refugee from the Central Valley (I lived in Modesto for 10 years), I am smirking at the thought of good food and Manteca in the same sentence.
          Modesto is just 15-20 minutes south of Manteca on HWY 99. Much better food. People even drive in from Stockton to eat and shop in Modesto. My faves are 1505 (wonderful california cuisine), Ma'Deas (ribs and soul food), Mama Jamaica's, Bamboo Villa (yes, two Jamaica resturants run by the same family). The downtown in Modesto is pretty and walkable. Much cuter than Manteca.

          1. re: drmimi

            If the OP wishes to travel, Stockton's even closer to the north with more attractive options.

    2. I live in Modesto and probably drive up to Kelly Brothers twice a week.
      First of all: they are a FANTASTIC brewpub! If you are a beer junkie I highly recommend their Four Towers IPA and the Rooster Tail.
      The menu is huge and varied. Steaks, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, dinner-sized salads. Right now I'm addicted to their tri-tip sandwhich, which I order in the form of a wrap because I'm a carb-conscious chick. I get it with their slaw. Comes with au jus and I pretty much slurp and moan and sigh happily until every crumb is gone. Nice, low-key vibe in the place, too. The kind of place where they'll let you plug your phone in behind the bar if you're in bind. People coming from work, the gym, the golf's all good at Kelley Bros.
      Bottom line: great food, even greater beer, zero pretension.

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      1. re: PTPkathleen

        Thanks for the update on Kelly Brothers. I'm still not certain I'll be headed to Lathrop or Manteca. But I found this website for Don Ramon's in Manteca,
        and I thought the tortas and caldos pages look good. Anyone been here?

        And, Hob Nob Hot Dogs uses Casper's dogs, according to one cite on the web.